Best Themes for Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 20.04’s native dark theme does not only look good; it is also pleasant to the eyes. However, if you have moved back from PopOS to Ubuntu, you will be able to experience and explore a lot of icon packs, GNOME extensions and desktop themes. Hence, in this article, we shall provide you a list of Ubuntu themes for Ubuntu 20.04.

How to install Ubuntu themes?

Before we go into details, you will need to learn and understand how themes work on Ubuntu such as when you change the theme in Ubuntu, it would also change the following things:

  • Icons – File explorer, launcher icons and many more
  • Shell – Top bar, activity overview, desktop notifications and many more
  • GTK – application window looks

There are different methods in installing a theme. One method is through the terminal as a deb package and another method is you could download archive files and transfer the icons and themes to “~/.icons” and “~/.themes”.

For you to be able to apply a theme on your desktop, you will need to change the following options in the GNOME:

  • Applications
  • Icons
  • Shells

Here are some of the best themes for Ubuntu 20.04

Arc Theme

This is the most popular theme used by many. It comes in three different look options and they are the following:

  • Arc
  • Arc-Darker
  • Arc-Dark

The Arc Darker is a mix of dark and light theme. It is a bit on the dark shade of Navy Blue. Take in mind that this does not work well on GNOME shell as it would leave white patches. Hence, do not get an icon which is packed with it. Thus, if this happens, you would need to trust other third-party icon packs. The installation command for Arc theme is sudo apt install arc theme.


You could download papers through this link https://github.com/pop-os/wallpapers. Surely, you would find it perfect and pleasing to the eyes. This theme would provide you a more refined looks such as having padding on stacked up notifications. Pop is updated regularly. The installation commands for Pop are:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:system76/pop

sudo apt update

sudo apt install pop-theme pop-icon-theme

WhiteSur GTK Theme

Previously launched in macOS Big Sur white theme, WhiteSur would turn your shell, apps, top panel and dock into a Big Sur look. However, for you to be able to get the identifal macOS Big Sur look, you will need to complement the theme with Dash to Dock and WhiteSur Icon Theme.

Installation Command:

sudo apt install gts2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf

sudo apt install sassc opting inkscape libglib.2-dev-bin

git clone https:github.com/vinceliuice/WhiteSur-gtk-theme

cd WhiteSur-gtk-theme



This theme is widely used for Ubuntu. It comes in Materia-dark-compact theme. It makes the Windows and titlebars look very concise and organized. The only downside of this theme is the ripple effect that it has. For example, you click on a button or option, you will see a subtle ripple effect on certain areas.

Installation Command:

sudo apt instll materia-gtk-theme


This theme is similar to Materia theme. In order to use this theme, you will have to download both the archive files for Vimix theme and Vimix icon pack. Then, extract and run the install.sh script file on the terminal.

This theme provides other 15 theme options from teal to ruby and many more. The effects included in the themes are amazing and are not annoying.


One of the most interesting themes in Ubuntu, Layan provides you an option of a look of having sharp corners to rounded corners. It also comes in dark and light themes. Like Materia, Layan also has the ripple effect.

Installation Command:

cd Layan-gtk-theme



This theme comes with minimal dark color which comes from the Nord color palette. Nordic theme, you will be able to complement with blue icon and a white background which will provide you a minimal and clean look.


This theme provides you a look of being in between light and dark variants. In fact, this theme comes in 8 different looks with combinations of dark, light, blue and brown accents. With this theme you will see lines between icons and file labels.

Cloud comes with a shell theme but we discourage you from putting it with the DND and calendar notification shade.

Installation Command:

git clone

cd Cloudy

mv Cloudy-* ~/.themes


This is probably the fanciest theme. It provides you with a candy theme icon pack or Luv. If you use this theme, be ready to have a very colorful desktop. It comes in neon-pink and sweet dark theme, sweet light and sweet mars theme.


If you like light themes, Ant is perfect for you. Take in mind, however, this theme is compatible with GTK and GNOME shell only. Hence, if you wish to use this theme, you might need to get a third party icon pack.

Flat Remix GNOME

This theme is one of the most gorgeous themes. It comes with GTK, icon pack, GNOME shell theme and wallpapers as well. With Flat Remix, you have numerous options to choose from. Through this theme, you will be able to make your Topbar transparent and will make your desktop look bigger.

Installation command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:daniruiz/flat-remix

sudo apt update

sudo apt install flat-remix-gnome flat-remix-gtk flat



This theme is designed for GNOME desktops and could install it from Ubuntu store or apt repository. Adapta is updated regularly however, take note that the GNOME shell is a bit shaky. This theme is similar to Arc which has a white patch on calendar notification. Do not worry as you could combine it with Ubuntu GNOME shell theme.

Installation Command:

sudo apt install adapta-gtk-theme


In this theme, you will have a light theme. It comes in different types of themes and has a dark edition (Fantome). Through Lumiere, you will be able to clone repo which will let you see what would suit you. Lumiere’s themes do not have shell or icon theme.

Installation Command:

git clone

mv gtk-theme-collections ~/.themes

Orchis Theme

This theme comes with a look of dark plain GTK theme which is based on Materia. Through this theme, your dock and top panel will transform into translucent looking bar.

Yaru Colors

This theme is a full-fledged desktop theme. It comes with tinge color to Yaru theme of 12 different colors.

Installation Command:

git clone https://snapcraft.io/yaru-colors

cd yaru-colors



That concludes our list of themes for Ubuntu. Let us know which ones are your favorites!

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