Best Vocabulary Apps for iOS

Combined with the right apps, the iPad and iPhone can be great tools to help your kids to learn new words. A rich vocabulary is fundamental for good communication skills and can make a big difference in your children’s future. We present a great selection of apps that are ideal for discovering new words, learning their meaning, pronunciation and understanding how to use them within a sentence. They are quite useful for children, but can also be practical for beginner level English students who would like to expand their vocabulary. These apps will enable users to improve their language skills and offer a fun and interactive learning experience.

Kids’ Vocab


Considered as one of the best educational apps for iOS devices, Kids’ Vocab is a great way to enable children to build up their vocabulary. The lessons are presented as games to keep the children’s attention and to ensure that they can learn easier. Kids’ Vocab teaches words, pronunciation and their usage in a sentence. There are 9 games that allow kids to memorize words and to enhance their reading and writing skills. Additional lessons that can be downloaded through in-app purchases. Kids’ Vocab by MindSnacks is designed for children aged between 7 to 12 and can be downloaded for $1.99.

Sight Words 2


Sight Words 2 by eFlashApps is one of the highest rated educational apps available in the App Store. This comprehensive learning solution for pre-schoolers,1st and 2nd graders includes multiple games that allow young children to start discovering language in a fun and simple way. Word Bingo is one of the 5 games available and it is ideal to keep kids engaged with the learning process. The professional voiceovers provide a great audio experience and the colourful graphics will capture kids’ attention. Sight Words 2 can be downloaded for free but in order to get all its features it is advisable to upgrade to the full version for $1.99.

Phonics Genius


Innovative Mobile Apps’ Phonic Genius has over 6000 words grouped into 225 categories by phonics to enhance your children’s vocabulary. The app uses phonic awareness to teach children to speak, read and to identify words by sounds. The words in this content-rich app are organized phonically so they are easy to memorize. Cards can be added and you can record your own voice for new words. The audio feature in the app will take kids through the correct pronunciation of the words learned. Phonic Genius is suitable for children between 1 to 6 years old.

Vocab Genius


If you want to learn vocabulary fast and without any hassle, you can opt for Vocab Genius by Brainscape. The app uses flashcards to teach new words, including definition, synonyms and examples to show how the word can be used in a sentence. There are over 800 flashcards including some of the most useful, yet difficult words in English. While Vocab Genius doesn’t uses games or quizzes, it relies on effective learning techniques that are designed to ensure that your brain absorbs and retains the information provided. The repetition algorithm speeds up the memorization time allowing you to get the most out of every lesson. You can track your progress through feedback, statistics and visualization tools. Vocab Genius is available for free. However, the full content needs to be unlocked through an in-app purchase that costs $4.99.

Grammar Express: Tenses


While Grammar Express by Webrich Software Limited is not exactly a vocabulary app, it is an essential tool to improve language skills as it can help you or your child to learn English grammatical tenses. It includes over 1000 examples with Grammar Rules and more than 750 test questions with explanation. The revision notes are illustrated and will allow you to understand the grammar rules better. Once you have learned the rules, you can study the examples and then test your knowledge by taking a quiz. The app can be downloaded for free, but if you want to access the full question bank, you will need to pay $4.99.

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