Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android and iOS

Most of us get into situations where you would want to escape from. This could be horrible, boring dates or intolerable meetings. There are many creative ways to get away from these unwanted situations and one of them is by using a fake call application. Yes, gone are the days when you would ask your best friend to call you and fake an emergency just to get you out of that boring date. All you need to do now is install a fake call app and schedule a call or if you wish you could also just press a button and your phone will automatically ring. What is more amazing about these apps is you could even feed caller details manually for more drama effect. 

Here is our list of best fake incoming call apps

  1. Fake Call Plus

Fake Call Plus comes with simple and straightforward UI. It offers basic functions which you could customize depending on your current situation. You could set a first timer and duration for the call to ring. The only downside is you will not be able to set a custom time, however, there are options from 3 seconds to 1 hour. 

Set up your caller’s profile by filling out the “name” and “picture”. You could also choose someone from your contacts and it will detect automatically the picture. Aside from that, you could also change the ringtone and enable/disable vibration.  

What is more amazing about this app is you could even set voice options which will be played through the receiver to make the “call” sound and look realistic. 


  • Has option to return to home screen or custom page after the fake call


  • You will not be able to lock screen after fake call activation
  • Has annoying advertisements
  1. Fake Call Number

If you know what time you would need to escape, for example, a dreaded meeting, this app, Fake Call Number allows you to set a specific time. It could be the next day or even after a month. To do this, however, you will need to activate it by pressing the call button in the app and keep it running. This app also allows you to set up names, custom call screen and pre-recorded voice call. 


  • Set a specific time for your fake call


  • You would need to open the app to activate the fake call
  1. Fake Call Incoming  

This app has the ability to trigger fake calls without you having to open the app all the time. You could set a reminder beforehand. Fake Call Incoming comes with four main options for its home screen. It allows its users to set contact information and choose a contact template. Aside from that Fake Call Incoming has an option of custom call screen which is similar to Fake Call Prank app. The trigger option of this app could be set by going to the settings menu and by enabling mobile shake to receive fake call. You also have the option to press the power four times to activate it. 


  • Make calls with shake or power button trigger
  • No advertisements


  • Pop-ups could be annoying
  1. Fake Call Prank  

This app offers fake call features and fake SMS as well. It has three options which you could use – Fake Call, Fake SMS and History. To use these functions, all you need to do is fill out the name, number, time and content of the message. You could also choose from your saved contact as well. In addition to that, you could custom skins from Android and Samsung devices, change ringtone and enable vibration. 


  • Fake SMS feature
  • Call log details
  • Call connect even after the screen lock


  • Could be triggered by a timer
  1. Text to Escape

If you are in the US, this app will work perfectly for you. This app is an IFTTT recipe which means you could access a lot of services and has quite a number of products and services. Text to Escape allows you to receive a fake incoming call with a voice recording of your choice. Login using this link before using app. 


That concludes our list of best fake incoming call apps. We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did. So what are you waiting for? Download and try the listed apps above. 

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