Best Recipe Apps

Cooking different meals daily could be very difficult to plan. We understand how this could be a headache and we would like to help you. Luckily, there are apps that provide recipes which you could easily follow. However, with numerous apps out there, it could be confusing which app to choose. Do not worry as through this article, we shall list down our top and best recipe apps which you could check out and try.

Best Recipe Apps


If you are collecting and collating recipes, Paprika is the best app for you. It comes with different recipes from random blogs, YouTube cooking videos, etc. This app also has a browser built into the app which makes it easy to navigate. You will find separate ingredients and directions which means you will not have to worry about everything getting all messed up. Lastly, we are sure that you will enjoy its automatic shopping list feature.


This app uses the crowdsource approach. It comes with a website and a YouTube channel as well. Its YouTube video comes with about four billion views. If you are looking for intuitive recipes, Tasty is your best bet. Through this app, you will find rated recipes and it also comes with tips section. It is easy to navigate. Its recipes are organized based on type of dish. Hence, if you are looking for vegetarian, vegan or meat-based type of food, you would surely not have a hard time finding dishes you could try.

Kitchen Stories

If you want to find polished recipes, you should choose this app. It offers simple instructional videos. This app has been in the industry since 2014 and you could be sure that it is highly reliable. Kitchen Stories has a huge recipe archive. Hence, you could expect that there are some recipes that do not have step by step videos. However, you could be assured that there are useful pictures which could guide you. Furthermore, this app also comes with in-app shopping list which you will find very useful.

BBC Good Food

Name a dish and for sure, you will find it here on BBC Good Food app. In fact, in this app you will find different recipes from venerable Good Food magazine which means you could be assured that their recipes have been tested and approved by professionals. Through this app, you could save favorite recipes and access them offline. The recipes are in English and the app is free.


If you are struggling which recipe to cook for the day, Yummly will definitely help you. It comes with a lot of recipes which you could also find in different sites such as BBC and Allrecipes. This app is easy to navigate. It offers recipe suggestions which you will definitely find very useful.

Oh She Glows

This app is perfect for vegans. Its recipes are all plant-based and it also comes with a blog. They have several cookbooks out in the market and its app has about 161 recipes.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Looking for quick recipes? Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is for you. It comes with millions of recipes from millions of home cooks. Hence, if you are looking for home-cooked meals, this app is your best bet.

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