Pokemon Games in Order

Pokemon is a well-known video game which was created by a Japanese media franchise, The Pokemon Company. For those who are just hearing Pokemon for the first time, Pokemon is actually an acronym for Pocket Monsters.

This game became very popular not only to kids but also with adults due to its cute fictional creatures. The storyline of this game is that humans will have to catch the cute creatures, Pokemons and train them to battle with another Pokemon who was captured and trained by another human. Pokemons are to battle each other and the one who defeats the other Pokemon wins.

In this game, there are about 898 Pokemon species and you will be able to meet and experience some of them through its first franchise of this game, Pocket Monsters: Red and Green which was released as Pokemon Red and Blue to those who are outside of Japan. Pokemon was originally created for Game Boy but was eventually distributed to different media platforms. Aside from being a video game, Pokemon became more popular and its reach increased with it becoming eventually an Anime television series. The anime includes 20 seasons with an overall total of a thousand episodes. The show has been broadcasted in about 183 countries.

In addition to the video games and TV series, Pokemon also released toy collections, trading cards, books, manga comics and other merchandises.

Concept of Pokemon

The concept of Pokemon was derived from the executive director, Satoshi Tajiri’s hobby of collecting insects when he was a child. Tajiri introduced Pokemon trainers in the game and their goal is to collect and catch different species of Pokemon from other regions. Then, the trainers would have to train the Pokemon that they have caught and have them compete with other Pokemon which were caught by other trainers. The next goal is to win against other Pokemon to move on to the next level and eventually compete on the Pokemon League and win the regional championship.

Pokemon Games in Order

With Pokemon’s popularity, it is not surprising for it to expand its games into different versions and editions. In fact, there are about 18 Pokemon video games which were developed and launched in the market. Furthermore, what is more amazing with Pokemon is that no matter where you are living in, you could be assured that you will be able to get your hands on these video games due to its demand and popularity.

With a total of 18 core series video games, you must be wondering if there is a right way or if there is a right order of playing these video games. Do not worry as through this article, you will learn which order you must play these games in order to have a more pleasant and enjoyable gaming experience. So without further ado, let us not waste more time and get into it right away.

In Order of Chronological Release

Pokemon Red and Green Japan

This version was released in 1996 and is the first game which has made the series very popular. In fact, this game is one of the most favorite versions by most expert gamers. In this game, you will need to work you way to becoming the champion and to do this, you will have to capture all Pokemon in order for you to be able to complete the Pokedex. In Pokemon Red and Green Japan, you will be able to play with Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

Pokemon Red and Blue

Pokemon Red and Blue is a version which was launched in 1998. This version introduces the concept and theme of role-playing which were derived after Pokemon Red and Green was released. In this game, you will have to use Game Link Cable. This way, you will be able to connect two games together. Pokemon Red and Blue comes with three basic screens which are the overworld, menu interface and battle screen. In addition to that, through this game, you will be able to play with eight Pokemon Gyms and you will be able to experience to battle against Pokemon Champion and Elite Four.

Pokemon Yellow

Who does not know the very cute but very brave Pickachu? We are sure you are as eager as us to meet this Pokemon and you are in luck as through this improved version of Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon Yellow, you will get to play with Pickachu. In addition to that, through this version, you will be able to explore more habitats for you to be able to collect more species of Pokemon. Furthermore, in this game, you will have the opportunity to capture three more starter Pokemon.

Pokemon Gold and Silver

This version is the first game in the second generation Pokemon series. In this game, you will be able to encounter about 100 new Pokemon species. You will have to go through newly different terrains in order for you to be able to discover these new Pokemon characters. In addition to that, this game provides introduction of new Elite Four including the Champion which possess the dragon type Pokemon.

Pokemon Crystal

This version introduces subtle animations. If you are huge on graphics and aesthetics, then this game is for you. It comes with improved graphics, new color schemes, layouts and designs.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

In this version, you will experience double battles and your Pokemon are updated with new abilities. In addition to that in this game, there is new Elite Four and champion who uses steel type of Pokemon. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, you will meet 135 new Pokemon species.

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

This version was released in 2004 and you would definitely love its enhanced features. In this game, its main screen is its overworld where players play the role of the main character. If you are new to the Pokemon game series, this game provides the guide that teaches its users to play.

Pokemon Emerald

This version is included in the third generation series. In this game, your goal is to beat two criminal organizations and to catch Pokemon.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Launched in 2007, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is part of the fourth generation series. This game allows its players to be able to play using the internet and connect through WiFi. You will find about 107 new Pokemon species in this game.

Pokemon Platinum

This is the improved version of Diamond and Pearl. The main characters in this game are Pokemon Piplup, Turtwig and Chimchar. In this game you will feel the northern feeling of cold weather of the location. Furthermore, in this game, you will be able to anonymously trade Pokemon that will surely enhance your Pokemon gaming experience.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

This version is the enhanced remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver with a combination of Pokemon Crystal. The game’s plot is in the Johto region and through this game, you will have to raise, catalog and evolve Pokemon. Your goal is to be able to defeat other trainers. In this version, you will be able to play the mini-game Pokeathlon.

Pokemon Black and White

Launched in 2011, Pokemon Black and White comes with rotation battles, triple battles and seasonal cycle. The game’s plot is on the Unova Region which is more known as New York City but in a more modern theme. This game has upgraded and improved graphics.

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2

This version was released in 2012. It is a sequel to the Pokemon Black and White and it is part of the fifth generation games. Its plot takes place in Unova Region but on the western side of it. You will find about 300 different species of Pokemon here.

Pokemon X and Y

This game was released a year after Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. There are different settings in this version and its most prominent location is the Prism Tower which is based on Paris’ Eiffel Tower. In this game, players are allowed to customize the appearance of their character.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

In this version, you will be able to explore the region where there are a lot of Pokemon species. The game comes with interesting dramatic storyline in the setting of Hoenn Region. The game involves interaction of Pokemon species and secret bases which could be customized by the players.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

This game is the first installment of the seventh series generation. The game focuses on the interactions of Pokemon. Its setting is based in the Alola Region which has few islands. In Pokemon Sun and Moon you will be able to encounter about 81 Pokemon species.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

This version comes with a new storyline which involves the Alola Region. It offers new characters and new location structures. Through Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you will be able to access the mini-game, Marine Surf.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

This is the latest game of Pokemon. It introduces Gigantamax which allows the temporary growth of Pokemon. Furthermore, in this game, you will be able to make Dynamax transform into different forms.


With the popularity of Pokemon, there is no doubt that numerous versions would be released and launched to the market. If you are a fan, for sure you would love to have all the games of Pokemon. However, when playing these versions, it is best for you and we highly recommend that you play it in chronological order these games were released. This way, you will have a more exciting and enjoyable gaming experience.

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