Best Manga Reader Apps for Android and iOS

Manga has been around for quite a while and has been widely enjoyed by many all over the world. Thus, in this article, we shall feature the best Manga Reader apps which you could use to enjoy and get your daily Manga fix.

If you are new to reading mangas, it is important to know that mangas are read from right to left since the traditional Japanese language is read from right to left which is why it is more convenient to get a Manga dedicated app instead on a comic book reader app.

Best Manga App for Android

1. Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump is available on Android and iOS and is offered for free. Through this app, you will be able to access popular Manga titles such as Boruto, One Piece and Dr. Stone. Aside from that, the latest chapters of Manga stories are offered for free on the same day as it has been released in Japan.

The only downside of this app is you could only read up to 100 chapters every day. However, if you are a fast reader, do not worry as you could remove this restriction by subscribing and paying $1.99 per month.


– Latest manga collection with no advertisements


– You could only read up to 100 chapters. This includes titles only available on Shonen Jump series.

2. MangaZone

This app is for Android users. In this Manga app, you will be able to access about 15,000 titles which could be translated to English. Aside from that, MangaZone’s interface is clean and simple. It also has a community section where you could communicate with other manga readers.

Unfortunately, this app is no longer available on Google Play store. Do not worry as you could still sideload Android version from their website and from App Store if you are using iPhone/iPad.

Price: Free but supported by apps.


– free selection and is translated in English

– You could connect with other Manga fans


– has a few bugs

3. Crunchyroll Manga

In this app, you will be able to get not only your daily Manga fix but also Anime. Do not worry, creating an account on this app is free which will allow you to access free manga and anime comic books. Take note, however, you will not be able to sign in using any of your social media account.

Crunchyroll Manga allows its users to add manga to their favorites, bookmark and change orientation features. What is more amazing about this app is that as soon as one is published and sold in Japan, the same day, it will be up on Crunchyroll as well.


– You will be able to access anime and manga as soon as they are released in Japan.

– They have English subtitles


– They send too much notifications which could get annoying to some.

– There are some reported pages that are out of order.

4. Manga Box

This app provides you with images which are resized perfectly for your screen. It is easy and free to use. However, be ready to see advertisements which helps them keep and add new content for their library.


– Free

– New content added on a daily basis

– Resizes images to fit your screen


– The Ui is not great

5. Tachiyomi

This is a very popular manga reader. It is open source wherein you could find the codes on Github. You could also download it at Fdroid. Tachiyomi is offered for free and does not have any advertisements. Aside from that, this app allows its users to customize the app according to your preference.


– Open source

– Has more sources

– IU is clean

– Allows customizations


Looking for a great manga reader, we highly recommend Tachiyomi. It comes with numerous sources and its UI is beautiful, simple and clean. However, if you wish to get the latest manga comics and you do not mind spending a bit, Shonen Jump is perfect for you.

If you are looking for app to read manga on your Kindle, sadly, we have not found any since Kindle does not work with manga in color. However, you could still use your Amazon Kindle fire tablet to read manga by sideloading the apps above

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