How to Tune your Foscam Motion Detection

IP cameras have become a popular monitoring tool that allows you to save videos or images whenever motion is detected. In order to ensure that you can capture videos and images effectively, it is important to adjust the camera’s motion detection settings. You would need to ensure that all the relevant settings are enabled and optimized for the specific area where you need to capture motion. If you don’t make sure that the settings are adjusted, you will likely end up with a large selection of recordings, which can take a toll on storage space and bandwidth. Furthermore, you will need to go through all these recordings, which is not very practical and can be very time consuming.

The majority of IP cameras offer a strong set of settings that give you the possibility of customizing how motion is detected and recorded. To get an idea of how you can tune a Foscam FI9821P, we will take a look at an example that will allow you to capture people approaching your door step. The first step will be to decide what type of motion you want to capture. For instance, you may want to make sure that the recording is only activated when human motion is identified. It is also necessary to consider what may trigger false alarms.

In outdoor areas there can be wind motion, plants or small animals that could trigger motion detection. Therefore, you will need to identify a way to take those out of the equation in order to focus on a person approaching. To ensure that the Foscam only considers human motion to begin a recording, you can go to Settings, then Alarm and select Motion Detection. Keep in mind that if you haven’t installed the Foscam browser plug-in, you won’t see this menu. You can download the plug-in from the link provided in the camera’s login screen.

Once you are in Motion Detection, you will be able to select Set Detection Area. This option will show you a view of your scene with a red grid over it, Here you can assign areas of the scene in which you want to activate or disable motion detection. In order to make sure that movement that you don’t want to capture is ignored (for instance, motion caused by wind through trees and plants, vehicles passing by the street, etc), you can de-select the area that is outside the front step. Motion activity will only be recorded when it takes place in the area marked by red grids. This will reduce the amount of video saved and will help to ensure that only relevant images and videos are stored.

The last step would be to reduce motion sensitivity to a relatively low value. A good option would be to set it to Medium but you can choose to go lower than that since human motion would probably be triggered very easily. You may want to spend some time trying out the settings to get the sensitivity right. This functionality is available in the majority of mid-range and advanced IP cameras. Adjusting the settings will help you to get the most out of your camera. You may also want to consider combining your IP camera with a good cloud storage service, which will enable you to keep all your recordings safe and available whenever needed.

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