Secrets to Finding Hidden Cameras

With technology becoming more and more sophisticated and with devices becoming smaller and cheaper, installing small cameras is relatively very easy to do. In fact, cameras are everywhere- parking lots, streets, traffic lights, stores and many more. Yes, cameras are everywhere and you might not notice that you are being monitored by a “hidden” camera. There are dropcams, nanny cams, video doorbells for home security. These cameras are used for legitimate purposes. There are even cameras set up to prevent theft not only at home but also in public and in businesses. Having cameras for the said purpose is acceptable, however and unfortunately, there are some people who use and abuse the power of cameras. In fact, there have been arrests due to secret recordings of women and girls in changing or comfort rooms. There have also been reports regarding some Airbnb renters finding some hidden cameras even though this is highly prohibited by Airbnb.

These problems could be due to that these tiny cameras could be bought online easily. There are even cameras that could pose as power adapters, alarm clocks, photo frames, water bottles, smoke detectors and many more. What is more concerning is that these cameras could easily be obtained. you do not even need to have technical skills to install these types of cameras. Hence, anyone who has ill content could place any camera anywhere they deem to.

Aren’t Hidden Cameras Illegal?

Laws about hidden cameras differ depending on which state or country you are in. With that said, it is important that you check your local laws. This way you will know what is the reasonable privacy that you could expect. You would know which certain places such as bathrooms, hotel rooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms and the like you should and could demand privacy. The mentioned places normally are areas where it is typically illegal to place cameras at. However, if there are signs that mentions there are cameras outside the dressing room to prevent theft are considered legal.

Cameras in public places such as malls or streets are considered legal whether they are hidden or not.

Though there are laws surrounding installing and using cameras, this does not stop people from placing hidden cameras and it is up to you to be vigilant about this.

How can you be sure you are not being recorded?

Most hidden cameras are small and some are even disguised as something else. One of the first and important thing you should do is take a look around. Yes, there are a few people who are not that smart in placing a hidden camera. Here are some tips on how to check if there are hidden cameras:

1. There are wires in unexpected places or where it seems to go nowhere.

2. There are small holes on walls or other places. In these small holes, there could be a camera lens hidden.

3. There are lights. There are some cameras that do not have this obvious sign but there are some cameras that could give this obvious sign and giveaway that you are being monitored and recorded.

4. Objects that are out of the ordinary. Check if something has moved or has been moved.

Another way of finding hidden cameras is by listening. There are some cameras that make soft sounds such as clicks or buzz whenever one moves or walks by. Though in a noisy environment you will not be able hear it, hence, if you are really quiet, you might be able to hear the camera. Another way is if you turn off the lights, scan the room while using a flashlight. This could reflect the lens of the camera.

Another way is to check your local WiFi network. If a hidden camera is streaming video, you could use a software such as Nmap or Fing.

The above suggested methods above are take note, not foolproof but even if this is the case, do not give up as though there are some cameras difficult to spot, all cameras have lens that reflects light whether it is turned on or off. As mentioned earlier, all you have to do is use a flashlight and find for a reflection.

The easiest way, we could say is through the use of apps. Some of these apps could light up camera lenses through your smartphone’s flash. Here are some of our recommendations:

The advantages of using these apps are:

  • Affordable
  • Accessible

Get a hidden camera detector

Professional hidden camera detectors are easy to use and are effective. In fact, you could get one under $100. They could find hidden cameras through two ways or methods:

– Finding a glint from lens

– Detecting RF broadcasts from wireless camera

To find hidden cameras visually, detectors use LED lights such as lasers. These lights could help light up camera lenses.

Detecting RF broadcasts is easier. Detectors will beep or ping once they find a signal. The only downside of this method is that there are a lot of other gadgets that could transmit RF. This means, detectors could either show you hidden cameras and at the same time show you a different device that transmits RF.

If you are looking for an upgrade from detectors and apps, you could use a wired and wireless camera detector .

For professional grade equipment, we highly suggest Brickhouse.

What to do if you find a hidden camera?

The best way to do once you finds a hidden camera is to contact the authorities or police. Take note that not only the police could remove the camera, they could also find out who and why a camera was set up there.

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