Dell vs Lenovo: Which is Better and Why?

Technology has made our lives more comfortable, easier and convenient. It helps us accomplish our work faster. With a lot of developments, technology has provided us with numerous gadgets and devices including the laptop and computer. Though both could be very similar and work the same, it is different from each other. These instruments are used in our everyday lives. It could be used for shopping, communicating with your colleagues, team, friends and family. It could also be used for gaming as well. Hence, the question now here is what is then the best laptop for work and gaming?

There are numerous brands and models sold in the market. However, in this article, we shall feature two of the most famous brands, Dell and Lenovo – which of the two is better?


One of the most important factors that you would need to check and consider when choosing a laptop is its price. Dell and Lenovo, being two different brands, have different price range. 


Dell is one of the most popular and most bought LSP and PC. It is a tough competition we could say. For its price, Dell’s laptops differ in applications and tasks that it could offer and with numerous offers, one of Dell’s features that you would appreciate is that their prices are maintained. Their cheapest laptop is about $200 and their highest could go up to $2000 depending on the specifications. Believe it or not, their prices are completely justified. 


Lenovo has been in the industry for a long time now and they are one of the manufacturers that understands their customers. They ensure that their products are at an affordable price. Their cheapest laptop is priced at $200 and their most expensive is at $1200. Their prices are well justified as well. They also produce a lot of models and could ensure you that every category that you are looking for- may it be for gaming or a notebook, they have it at an affordable price range. 



Dell’s laptops could be seen as the best designed laptops. Though they focus more on the performance, you could say that they give importance to looks as well. However, if you are looking for an attractive looking laptop, Dell might not suit you well. Though they offer numerous colors, you could not expect much from them in terms of artwork. 


Though Lenovo has been in the market for quite a while now, their laptops do not have much colors that they offer. They often offer black and silver finish. Though that is the case, compared to Dell, Lenovo offers more artwork and designs. 



Dell is known for its best components. It uses Intel and AMD processors. Their higher quality laptops that are designed for gaming are in quad cores and their low budget laptops comes with dual core. Their screen sizes are in 11 to 17 inches. Some of their laptops come with graphics card – NVIDIA and AMD Ryzen.


When it comes to components, Lenovo ensures it lives up to their name. They have Intel as their processor such as the Intel 8th Gen i7. Their low big laptops use i3 or i5. Their screen sizes differ and come in different variety. Most of their laptops offer NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and AMD for gaming laptops. Battery life is amazing as well. 



Dell has a great customer service. They have one in every corner in the world. Hence, if you have a problem with your laptop, you could easily seek help from them. But, of course, prices and discounts would depend on your warranty. 


As one of the oldest manufacturer in the industry, they have perfected their customer service. You would also find lots of care centers all over the world. Furthermore, most of their laptops offer long warranty period. 

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