Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 Review

Some people look for speakers that combine affordability and efficient performance but if that is not enough for you, consider getting something truly special like designer speakers. You can own a masterpiece of design that also allows you to enjoy music and movies with superb quality. Legendary designer Andrew Jones has created another magnificent audio solution for Pioneer, the SP-EBS73. This is an innovative sound system that packs top technology, striking looks and powerful effects. They support Atmos, a relatively new type of surround sound developed by Dolby, which has been used in commercial theaters in the last few years. Dolby Atmos is set to revolutionize your audio experience at home and you can enjoy this technology and more with the Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73.


Andrew Jones is Pioneer’s chief speaker engineer and his name has become a synonym of elegance and advanced design in the world of speakers. As expected, the SP-EBS73 designed by Jones himself, stand out for a sleek, smart look that will complement any space beautifully. The Elite is Pioneer’s first speaker line to support Atmos and to include a concentric driver array at a price that while is not exactly cheap, represents good value for money considering all the fantastic features that you get. The smooth, sophisticated design will match any environment and while they are listed here as “bookshelf speakers”, the truth is that the SP-EBS73, they are actually beyond this category. These impressive speakers are 15.7 inches tall, 7.4 inches wide and have a depth of nearly 10 inches. The attractive appearance of the SP-EBS73 will charm your eyes, while the rich, top-quality sound will thrill your ears.

Set Up

To get an ideal sound experience, you can maintain the default level, delay and speaker distance settings while manually adjusting the speaker size and crossover point. You can boost up the Atmos channels to get a richer performance, particularly with Blu-rays available in this technology. It is also advisable to place the SP-EBS73 on floor stands that are at least 24 inches tall and kept at a distance of 12 inches or more from the wall behind them. Since the speaker’s rear bass port goes to 50HZ and releases a considerable amount of air, it is a good idea to give them some space to deliver optimal results.


The SP-EBS73 have a true three-way speaker design, meaning that for each major frequency band there is a high, midrange and low-frequency driver. The 1-inch tweeter is in the center of a 4-inch aluminium-cone midrange driver and the concentric arrangement is also featured in the Atmos height drivers fitted at the top of the speaker. The front baffle sports a 5.25-inch aluminium cone-woofer, which is repeated in the system’s center speaker. This combines the 5.25-inch active driver and a 5.25-inch passive radiator. The SP-EBS73 offer an output wattage of 140 watts and impedance of 4 ohms.


The Elite EBS73 were designed by Andrew Jones as a main pair of speakers that can support great versatility and full range of sound options. They provide solid low frequencies, clear highs and sharp mids. They feature CST or Coherent Source Trasducer drivers, which enable precise control over sound manipulation at all frequencies. You can enjoy great audio quality with reduced (or non-existent) interference between the high and mid frequency drivers. The oversized magnet, 5.25-inch aluminum cone and dust cup in the woofers, ensure greater low-frequency sound control, which results in vibrant, outstanding bass sound.


For less than $750, you can get this remarkable pair of speakers and enjoy Atmos effects that deliver a cinema experience at home. This vibrant and powerful sound system will also allow you to listen to your music with outstandingly rich performance in all frequencies.

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