Where Do I Find the Clip Tray in an LG Android Phone?

Many LG Android phone users complain of how difficult it is to find the clip tray or more commonly known as clipboard on their phones. For those who would want to clear the clip tray or transfer things on their social media apps like Facebook to share stuff with their friends, knowing where to access your clip tray would be very convenient. Through the clip tray, you could easily access its contents wherever and whenever you wish. You could copy texts, images and keep all of it on your clip tray and copy and paste the content wherever you wish to. Through this article, if you are an LG Android phone user, you will learn where to find your phone’s Clip Tray.

Where do you find the Clip Tray in an LD Android Phone

Overwriting the Clip Tray

LG Android phone users know that the clip tray is where the area of memory or storage is. It is where you could save small items and could be directly accessed or opened easily since it is not an app. But, you could retrieve items saved on it by pressing long on a blank area of a text field then pasting it. The only problem with clip tray is on some phones it could only save one item and overwrites it if another item is saved.

clip tray lg

Anything that you copy or cut, this goes to a special area of the RAM which is called the clip tray. It is like other part of RAM but other Apps don’t use it.

When you press long on an item and copy and paste it, whatever is copied gets into your clip tray. You will not be able to clear it but you could only overwrite what was copy before by copying another item.

Clip Tray Options

clip tray options

For another method, you could try to to clear the clip tray by long pressing any text field and select more options. You will find this on the three dots found on the right side portion. Select clip tray and in the options of clip tray, select your copies and clear them.

Clipper – Clipboard Manager

If you wish to have a more manageable clip tray, you could download the App Clipper- Clipboard Manager from Google Playstore. This app does not have a built-in clip troy of your phone but it keeps your data on its own space. Just like clip tray, it automatically saves everything that you have copied. You could access your clip tray’s history and arrange all the things that you have copied. The Clipper also allows you to copy, paste, view and edit and even share the content that you have copied. Through this app, you could easily share whatever you content you wish.

Copy Clip Tray Data to Facebook

clip tray lg facebook

Copying your clip tray data on your Facebook or other social media app is simple and very easy. All you have to do is open the app and long press on blank text space. This is the area, place or where you would want to paste the content from your clip tray. Click or tap on paste. This will paste whatever is copied on your clip tray. Through this method, you will be able to share easily whatever you want to share from your clip tray to any of your social media apps.

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