Best Parallax Scrolling Plugins

One of the most common web design trends is the long scrolling sites and one of the most popular, coolest types are the parallax scrolling sites. Its images move and gives off a parallax effect where as you scroll down the page you will see animations that would provide a fresh look and feel on any website.

To use and create a parallax scrolling site is a very tedious job as it requires in-depth knowledge of Javascript, good web designing skills and CSS. Hence, we have gathered different Parallax Scrolling plugins which could make it easier for you to create these cool parallax scrolling sites.

1. ScrollMagic

This plugin is one of the most popular and feature rich plugins. It comes with Javascript library that allows you to create magical scroll effects and lets you animate stuff based on your scroll position. Through it, you will be able to fix, animate and move HTML elements as you scroll up and down and for your preferred duration. Through this plugin, you could add parallax effects without any difficulties. ScrollMagic allows you to customize and it is also lightweight. In fact, it only consumes about 6kb space size.

2. pagePiling.js

A jQuery plugin pagePiling.js allows its users to create own website into different sections which could pile on top of each other. Either it is accessing URL or scrolling up and down, each section you view will be revealed through a neat sliding animation. It is compatible with almost all devices and platforms such as mobile phones, desktop, tablet and with most browsers. One requirement that this plugin needs is a CSS and a Javascript file inside your HTML. This plugin is initialized by document. ready such as $(document).ready(function() {$(‘#pagepiling’).pagepiling();});

3. skrollr

This lightweight plugin is pure CSS library and Javascript without jQuery, skrollr is well-known as the Scroll Magic simplified for CSS. In fact, you do not need to know Javascript or jQuery to be able to use skrollr. All you need are skills for CSS and HTML.

For skrollr to work, it uses data that attributes to animate any of your preferred HTML element. The only disadvantage of this plugin is its animation only works as the page is being scrolled.

4. Stellar.js

Stellar is another jQuery plugin that allows its users to add parallax scrolling effects. To make Stellar work, you will have to run @.stellar() function. Once done, you could now configure the animation settings for individual elements using your data attributes on the element that you are

working on. In addition to that, Stellar allows its users also to have parallax backgrounds that you could reposition on scroll. One of the most used feature is the offsets.

This feature makes all elements return to the original positioning when offset parent meets the edge of the screen plus minus your optional offset.

5. Alton

Alton is another jQuery option that is known as scroll-jacking to us plugin. This means, your browser’s native scroll will be disabled for your targeted scrolling when initiated by you mouse wheel or touchpad and brings you to the next point on the screen.

This plugin comes with three different functions such as the Bookend, Hero and Standard. The standard function allows its users to use full page scrolling with 100% height on each section. Each scroll will bring you to the next section or the previous section. Bookend on the other hand allows you to create a bookend experience while the Hero will only allow you to scroll jack only with the rest having native scrolling.

6. Parallax Scroll

This plugin is easy to use. It is a jQuery type of plugin which lets you create a parallax image scroll effect which you could find on sites like Spotify. It uses elements that have background image specified rather than <img> tags. Through this plugin you will also make your elements be responsive by using CSS @media queries.

7. ScrollMe

A plugin for adding simple parallax scroll effects, ScrollMe is a very impressive and useful plugin that allows you to rotate, scale, translate and even customize the opacity of your elements as you scroll down.

This plugin does not require any Javascript but you would need CSS skills. Through ScrollMe you could animate your HTML element anytime.

8. MultiScroll.js

This plugin was developed by the same one who developed pagePiling.js. It allows its users to create effect for each section loads which are divided in two parts and which slides into place as the page loads. You could also check your homepage to see what it looks like on your browser. It also allows you to customize the keyboard scrolling option, speed, easing and many more.

9. Jarallax

This plugin is a Javascript and CSS library that focuses on parallax scrolling effects. It uses Javascript without jQuery. It comes with scrolling features, parallax animation and easing. It is also supported or compatible with most browsers and devices. Their site comes with video tutorial which shows how you could set up Jarallax for your website.

10. Superscrollorama

Superscrollorama is another jQuery based plugin which allows users to create scroll animations. It has amazing performance and is smooth to use. The only downside of this plugin is that they are not compatible with mobile devices but if you really wish to use it with your mobile, you could access it through setScrollContainerOffset method. To do this, you will have to use the code:


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