How to Turn on Samsung TV without Remote

There are few instances when we would lose the remote control of the television and sometimes we just simply ran out of batteries. This could be very frustrating especially when your favorite television show is about to start. Do not worry you are not alone. We understand how annoying this could be which is why through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how you could turn on your Samsung TV without the use of a remote control.

Samsung has foreseen the mentioned situation which is why they have ensured that you could still control your TV even without a remote control through a manual solution method. In fact, with Samsung providing a feature where you could integrate your Smart TV with your smartphone and tablet, their customers surely would use this feature to their advantage.

Samsung’s TV controller’s locations could be found at the back of the TV, in the middle under the front panel and on the side under the front panel. The location would depend on the model of the TV. This information is very important as it is what would help you turn on your Samsung Smart TV. TV controller buttons or more commonly known as Control Stick or Jog Controller is where you could turn on your TV, control the volume, access Smart Hub, Settings and menu.

If your TV’s model has its controller at the back:

  • Press long the center button. This will turn your TV on without having to use your remote control.
  • Single press on the other hand will allow you to select an option.

If your TV model has its controller in front:

  • You will see five buttons, choose the middle button and press it. This will turn on your TV.
  • For some 2018 TV models, you will find single button controller at the middle of the front bezel. Long press this button.

If your TV model is on the side:

  • Press the power button to turn on your TV


Though many would think that turning on the television without remote control could be if not impossible, could be very complicated, however, through this article and guide, it is really simple. All one has to do is know where their Samsung TV’s controller or jog stick is located at and you are good to go. We hope that through this article we were able to help you control your TV without your remote control.

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