How to cancel Curology?

With the rise of technology, who would have imagined that everything we need we will be able to get with just at the tip of our fingers. No need to go through hassles and wasting time in order to get things done. Through the help of devices and technology such as the internet, we are able to get and do things with speed and comfort. With technology, we no longer have to travel and get into line to do transactions at the bank nor no longer we have to go to the gym and spend unnecessary cost and effort of traveling through traffic. Through the use of smartphones, data and apps we could do these things immediately and affordably.

Technology has gone a long way and it amazes everyone how much it provides convenience and comfort in one’s life. We could say that in each aspect in one’s life there must have been a corresponding app or apps that have been created to address each and every need or want one has or have. There are apps that could help you monitor your diet, nutrition, exercise, health. There are also apps that provide you recipes, travel, language, learning and many more. These are just few examples which could make you feel at awe how technology has quickly have developed and how it could improve one’s life. You would think that there is nothing anymore that could make you feel amazed. However, you are wrong as we, ourselves are amazed with the online service called the Curology.

What is Curology?

One of the most hassles and time consuming but very important task we have is going to a clinic and consult with a doctor. However, through Curology, you would no longer have to travel to your doctor to consult about something. This no longer needs to be the case as with Curology, you will be able to consult with a medical provider regarding your skin. By pairing the users to a medical provider, you will be able to get prescription for your skin needs. All you need to do is provide a photo of your face and answer the online skin assessment. After, you will be provided with a licensed medical provider. After a few days, you will receive a treatment plan which is specifically created for your specific skin concerns. Curology focuses on acne problems. In addition to that, you would also be able to get a consultation and treatment plan to correct your dark spots due to hyper-pigmentation.

If you are wondering if the prescriptions that you will receive are legit, do not worry as Curology uses nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Unfortunately, if you are looking for licensed dermatologists, Curology does not have them.

As for price, Curology’s price range varies from $24 to $59.90 and unfortunately, they do not accept insurance. For starters, you will be able to avail their one month free trial. However, keep in mind, that you will have to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling fee. After one month, the fees would depend on your orders.

Reasons why one would cancel subscription

Curology has been reviewed positively and has been said to be effective skincare service especially for those who are suffering from acne. However, just like other online services, there are some who would like to cancel their subscription and each and every member would have different reasons. This could be due to the expiration of the one month trial or due to the fact that skin care is highly subjective. This means that one could feel that the treatment they are receiving is effective, while some would feel it is not. Another reason could be is that the products do not work on your specific skin problem or it could also be that your treatment plan has effectively worked on your skin and you would not need any further treatment or consultation.

Though there could be numerous reasons as to why you would like to cancel Curology, but, no matter what your reasons are, if you would like to unsubscribe to Curology, you will be able to do so, all you need to do is read further and learn through our step by step guide on how to cancel Curology.

How to Cancel Curology

Step 1 – Go to the Curology website

Step 2 – login into your account

Step 3 – on your account dashboard, select the payments option. This will bring you to the payments page

Step 4 – Click on “I want to cancel”. This could be found at the bottom of the page.

Step 5 – Answer the cancellation questions provided.

Step 6 – Confirm yes to the question you want to cancel your Curology account?

Another alternative way to cancel subscription to Curology is by sending an email to the support team of Curology. Their email address is support@curology.com. Enter the subject – cancel request and in your message, include the reason why you would like to cancel. They would email you back for confirmation before they cancel your subscription. If you are one of those who are comfortable being able to reach their support team through phone, unfortunately they do not have a phone number where you could reach them. Hence, if you are using this method to cancel your subscription, you will have to email them and be patient.

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