How to Fix FaceTime Icon Missing on iPhone

There are times when you could not find important apps or icons on your phone and one of the most important apps that could be “misplaced” or could go missing is your FaceTime icon. When this happens, we could just imagine how frustrating this could be. Do not worry as through this article, we shall provide you important information and guide you step by step on how to find and fix FaceTime icon. 

FaceTime Icon Missing on iPhone 

If your FaceTime app has gone missing and no matter how much you have searched your iPhone and you still cannot find it, you will probably start wondering if you have accidentally deleted the app or someone who has access to your phone or device has deleted your FaceTime app, do not worry as FaceTime is one of the few apps which could not be deleted. It is considered as a native or essential apps which has been programmed into your phone and has been place on your phone even before you have purchased your device. 

Hence, it is more likely that your FaceTime app has been misplaced and has been moved to another location such as to another home screen of your phone or to another folder. Another reason why you could not see your FaceTime app is the app has been put on restricted mode. 

No matter what the reason why your FaceTime has gone missing, do not worry as there are several solutions and methods to find your FaceTime app. 

Check all home screens and folders 

Swipe and go through all of your home screens. Check all folders. Your FaceTime app could be just hiding in one of your folders. 

Search for FaceTime App on iPhone

If you cannot find your FaceTime app on your home screens or maybe you could have missed it in one of your folders, here is another great method you could try. 

  • Swipe down your home screen
  • Go to the search box
  • Type FaceTime on the search box.
  • A list will appear where you will find FaceTime app. In case, your FaceTime is hidden in one of your folders, you will be able to see the name of the folder where your FaceTime is hidden in. 

Reset Home Screen 

Another method you could use is resetting your home screen back to its original or default look. To do this, follow the steps below. 

  • Go to settings
  • Select General
  • Select Reset
  • On the reset screen select reset home screen layout option. 

This will reset your home screen back to its original look. Check where your FaceTime app icon usually is and you will find it there. 

Check Restrictions

There is a possibility where you could have placed restrictions on FaceTime app to prevent your kids from accessing your FaceTime app. To undo restrictions, follow the steps below:

  • Go to settings of your phone
  • Scroll down, find and tap Screen Time
  • Select Content & Privacy Restrictions
  • Enter your Screen Time passcode
  • Tap allowed apps
  • Move the toggle next to FaceTime to on position

If you have forgotten your Screen time passcode, unfortunately, you will have to do factory reset to your phone using iTunes.  

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