ASUS WebStorage Review

ASUS has built a solid reputation in the field of personal computer hardware and it is a name respected among gamers, thanks to their high performance gaming laptops, motherboards and monitors that they manufacture. ASUS WebStorage is their own cloud solution and has evolved throughout the years. If you have bought ASUS hardware, you are probably familiar with WebStorage as the option became popular for existing customers, thanks to the fact that it provided low cost unlimited storage. To find out if ASUS WebStorage offers the same quality as their hardware, we’ll take a look at the most important aspects of the service.


You can get a free account with 5 GB of data, but there are restrictions on bandwidth, file size and support. There is also a web storage plan that offers 100 GB and it costs $23 USD per year. If you need additional storage, you can get 500 GB for $100 per year. The price is not the most affordable you can get, but it is competitive when compared to other cloud storage solutions in the same range.


ASUS WebStorage supports a large selection of features including the following:

  • Automatic Mobile Picture Backup
  • Complete Computer Backups
  • Mobile and Desktop Device Sync
  • Restoration with just one click
  • File Sharing with Group Chats
  • Keyword Search
  • SuperNote Pro Handwriting App
  • It works with ASUS services and other apps

ASUS WebStorage offers basic file backup and sharing services while adding other features that work well with their apps or hardware. In terms of interface, WebStorage is similar to cloud storage services like Dropbox. There is nothing that makes it stand out from other services. However, there are some options that are worth noting such as full Microsoft Office integration and digital handwritten notes. For instance, ASUS WebStorage offers the possibility of chatting with users on shared files and folders.


ASUS WebStorage claims that they support secure transfers across their servers and they promise that your data will be remain safe. The problem is that they don’t provide specifics about their security features and there is not information regarding the encryption levels applied. While they guarantee that your data is kept private through top grade encryption, they don’t get into details about this. The measures taken to protect your account include 2-step login verification, saved detailed logs whenever a user logs into the account and real-time virus scanning.


Transfers and upload speeds are not exceptional and it is not possible to load large files over 500 megabytes on a free account. If you upgrade your plan, you can get 10 GB file size limits and it includes higher download bandwidth. While results may vary depending on different aspects, in general the upload and download rates were not exactly impressive.

Data Backup Functionality

The service supports full computer backups, or specific folders only. It is possible to synchronize it to your mobile devices and have all your pictures uploaded automatically to the cloud right after you have taken them. Office documents can be backed up instantly with smart file version updates , which allow you to recover an old version without hassle. It is also possible to add Outlook attachments to the list. In spite of this, the service is not focused on backup and there not advanced options or any type of scheduling. Additionally, some reports suggest the WebStorage is not a reliable solution and many users have warned that the sync feature doesn’t work well with multiple devices and may even wipe folders completely. Furthermore, restoring old files that haven’t been accessed for a long time, may not work at all. These reports are very concerning as loss of data is the last thing you would expect a cloud storage provider to be associated with.

Data Restore Functionality

On the bright side, restoration only takes one click key access to restore all the data in case your computer fails. You can retrieve all your important data in case of a system error. However, as previously mentioned, there are concerns about the performance of the backup solution, which means that you shouldn’t rely on the service as your only backup. Redundancy is crucial, even if you are having a good experience with the service and it is working well for you. In all cases, having multiple backup options is advisable.


Users can find a good selection of support resources on the WebStorage website. If you need assistance and can’t find what you are looking for on the website, you can contact the support team through a ticket-based system. Unfortunately, there are not other options to contact them, which is disappointing considering that ASUS is a well-established company that should offer more in terms of support.


ASUS WebStorage has a long way to go before becoming a cloud storage service that matches the quality of the hardware that the company produces. The fact that even users who own ASUS products don’t know or use the service, shows that it doesn’t count with the recognition that the hardware enjoys. Most consumers would be introduced to WebStorage after purchasing a laptop or another device by ASUS. While they may start using the service taking advantage on the full storage, it seems like the service doesn’t live up to the expectations and users eventually would need to look elsewhere.

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