Is Apex Legends BloodHound Male or Female?

Apex Legends is a game which you could play on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC through Origin and Steam. In this game there are groups of soldiers, outlaws, misfits and misanthropes. Each individual in each group has their own set of skills and talent which you could use to your advantage to survive and if you could survive long enough, you will be called a Legend.

Characters in Apex Legends

In every game, having and choosing a character is crucial in winning and succeeding. It also provides and contributes to your overall and ultimate gaming experience. In this article, we shall briefly summarize the characters in Apex Legends.

  • Bangalore – is a professional soldier. She is born in a military family and is considered as a very exceptional soldier. She is the only cadet who is able to take apart a peacekeeper. Her character uses the famous precision choke hop up and she has the ability to put it back together under twenty seconds.
  • Caustic – is known as a toxic trapper. He is a scientist and works in Humbert Labs. His tactical ability is nox gas trap and his ultimate ability is nox gas grenade.
  • Crypto – is a teacher and is very good in discovering secrets. He is a surveillance expert and he could hack anything. He could use aerial drones and spy on his opponents.
  • Gibraltar – is known as a shielded fortress. He is a gentle giant and his tactical ability is dome of protection. His ultimate ability is defensive bombardment

Other Characters of Apex Legends

  • Horizon – known as a gravitational manipulator
  • Lifeline – is a combat medic
  • Loba – is a translocating thief
  • Mirage – is a holographic trickster
  • Octane – is a high speed daredevil
  • Wraith – is an well known interdimensional skrimisher
  • Wattson – is a static defender
  • Valkyrie – is a Winged avenger
  • Seer – is an ambush artist
  • Revenant – is a Synthetic nightmare
  • Rampart – is an amped modder
  • Pathfinder – is a forward Scout
  • Bloodhound – is a technological Tracker

About Bloodhound

Legend Apex has a lot of characters as you could see above. Each and everyone has his/her own story, strengths and skills. Though we would love to discuss each and every character, in this article, we shall focus on one very interesting character – Bloodhound.


Bloodhound is a technological tracker and a well-known in the Outlands as the greatest game hunter. Bloodhound is a child of two engineers who were working at Dawn industrial plant on Talos. Unfortunately, they were killed at the meltdown of the facility where they were working. His tactical ability is the Eye of the Allfather and his passive ability is tracking while his ultimate ability is beast of the hunt.

Is Bloodhound a male or female?

Bloodhound’s character does not show much of the face and it is difficult to see if s/he is a male or a female and we are sure you are curious just as we are. Do not worry, we shall answer this interesting question.

Bloodhound is actually an LGBTQ character and it does not have any gender. This means, s/he is neither a male or female. In fact, its official game character description does not mention the gender of bloodhound.


What is Bloodhound’s real name?

No one really knows what is bloodhound’s real name. Even his age is a mystery.

Where is Bloodhound from?

Bloodhound’s home world is Talos.

What are Bloodhound’s abilities and skills?

Bloodhound’s abilities are the following:

  • Eye of the Allfather – is the ability to reveal hidden enemies, traps and clues.
  • Tracking – ability to see the tracks left behind
  • Beast of the Hunt – this ability enhances the senses which allows one to move faster.

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