What does FYTB mean?

Slang has become part of our everyday language both on online and offline. However, with the numerous slang internet words, it is difficult to catch up, learn and know all the slang words. Do not worry as we shall help you with that. Through this article, we shall learn the slang acronym, FYTB.

so what does FYTB stand for? FYTB stands for F*** You Talking ‘Bout. The ’bout in the mentioned phrase could be used interchangeably with about and the F word is used for emphasizing a point. This slang is often used by youngsters and teens. This slang could be used in an angry tone or in an amusing tone or excited tone.

How to use FYTB?

This slang is often used as an expression. As mentioned above, this could be used in an angry or shocked tone which could be seen as something unpleasant. Though that is the case, FYTB could also be used to express amusement or excitement.

Now that we know how FYTB is used. When would it not be appropriate to express this slang? For one, it is not good to use this slang with another person who does not know what it means and what it stands for. The reason behind this is the person might feel and get offended. Remember, slang is a type of casual language which means it should also not be used in professional settings.


Now that we know what FYTB means and its use, we could add it now to your list of slang vocabulary. So what are you waiting for? Try it out with your good friends and let us know what you think.

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