What could you do with Origin Points?

When playing Origin games, you would notice a feature called Origin points. This feature is something that brings mystery to many gamers. In this article, we shall provide you an idea what origin points are, what could you do with it and what you could spend it on.

Origin Points are points that you incur based on your gaming expertise and how much dedicated you are in playing Origin games. In fact, through origin points, you could track your achievements in EA’s games. You could gain points by playing your favorite games and spending time logged into Origin.

What do you spend Origin Points on?

Unfortunately, you cannot use these points as a currency but rather it could be used as a proof of your achievements as a gamer. These points could show your abilities in gaming. Hence, if you are looking into purchasing something with it, unfortunately, it does not allow you to do that nor does it allow you to get any discounts. Then, you must ask what is the point of these Origin points then?

Origin points are basis for your gaming statistics which could make you feel good and make you more confident in playing games. It could also increase enjoyment and have a wonderful gaming experience. In addition to that, you could also make this points into a friendly competition with your group of friends.


Could I redeem Origin Points and how?

As mentioned above, unfortunately, you cannot do anything with Origin points when it comes to using it to purchase anything. Hence, unfortunately, you cannot redeem anything with Origin points. This means, you will not be able to use Origin points to exchange it with any in-game content nor get any discounts on game items.

How to subscribe to Origin?

To be able to gain Origin points, you will have to subscribe to Origin and sign up. To do this, you will have to click on the Origin access tab at origin,com. Then, you will need to choose whether you would want to sign up for Premier or Basic. Select annual or monthly plan and enter your payment method information and review your order. Click start membership and you are good to go.

Are Origin points worth anything?

Origin points cannot be used as currency like Bioware Points. They are considered as a visual representation of your achievements in playing Origin games. Hence, you cannot do anything with your origin points.

How to I earn points?

Each Origin member could earn 1 point in every $1 spent on company owned origins freestanding retail stores in the US. You could also purchase online.

Do Origin points expire?

Yes, your points is valid for one year and on every anniversary date when you have enrolled, your points will start back to 0.


Though you cannot redeem nor use points to exchange in-game items with it, Origin points could increase your excitement and enjoyment with it. You could use it as a basis and statistics on your gaming ability. We understand that you would love to see these point to be put into some good use, maybe one day the game developers would take this into consideration but until that day comes, for sure it would be fun to compare points with your gaming buddies.

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