Is Terraria cross platform?

Terraria is a game which provides adventure. It was developed by Re-Logic and was first released for Microsoft Windows in 2011. This game comes with a lot of mystery. It involves a land which you have to shape, defend and even enjoy.

In Terraria, there are no limits. At the start of the game, you will have to build a basic shelter. Then you will have to go exploring, crafting, building, painting and even combating different creatures. The game includes includes 500 pieces of weapons of magic, armor, summon varieties and many more. Furthermore, through this game, you will also be able to do different activities such as fishing, riding a mount and going/discovering/finding floating islands. Aside from taking care of your land and doing different activities, of course you will need to also defend it and battle with different types of enemies.

What is the Gameplay of Terraria?

Terraria is a 2D sandbox game which could be played either single-player or multiplayer. This game comes with a classic exploration-adventure style of gameplay which is very similar to Minecraft.

The start of this game involves few basic tools and resources including metal ores which you could find through exploring caves. Aside from that, you will have to take note that in the beginning, you will have low health and low mana. These two could be increased only by finding certain items. While exploring and looking for items and resources, you will encounter different enemies. The frequency of encountering enemies would depend on different factors such as time, location and events. To fight enemies, you will have to use different types of weapons such as swords, guns, magic spells and minions. You could also have a chance to fight the bosses and could get rare items.

You will have specific goals once in awhile such as occupy structures, build something and the like. You could also buy and sell items in this game. There are different difficulty modes you could choose in this game – Expert, Master and Journey mode.

Is Terraria Cross Platform?

Through the mentioned information above, for sure you got really interested and would like to try to play the game. However, we understand that you might have some questions such as could Terraria be played in multiple platforms? or in other words, is Terraria a cross platform?

Unfortunately, Terraria is not a cross-platform. This means players will not be able to play when s/he is playing in one platform and would try to play with other players on another platform. The reason behind this is due to the following reasons:

  • PC version is developed and could run better than those who are using mobile versions which could be unfair to other players.
  • There are few Android devices with physical keyboards. This could be more difficult on larger screens.
  • Some devices could lack some buttons.
  • On-screen controls could not work

Now that we know that Terraria is not a cross platform, the next question could be, which is a very common question, is Terraria cross-platform Nintendo Switch and PC?

According to Terraria, they do not have any plans to be cross-platform Nintendo Switch or PC.

Is Terraria Cross-Platform Xbox and PC?

Yes, you have guessed it correctly, the answer is no for the time being. However, the developers of Terraria that there is a possibility in the future that there will be updates for all platforms which means there is also a possibility that Terraria could become a cross platform.

Is Terraria cross platform PS4 and Xbox One, PC and PS4?

Unfortunately, as of the moment the answer is still no. However, if you are asking if Terraria is cross platform on iOS and Android, the answer is yet. This means that you could have this game on iOS and play it on Android.


Currently, Terraria could not be played cross-platform. There are several reasons as to why the developers have decided against making this game a cross-platform. Hence, if you are looking for a game that you could play in cross-platform, unfortunately, Terraria is not which means, you will have to look elsewhere. But, who knows in the future, Terraria developers might suddenly decide to make it a cross-platform.

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