How to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

Snapchat has been one of the most used, popular and trendy social networking app. It is one of the most most downloaded app by millennials and is used to share photos and videos.

One of the features of Snapchat that most users love is its ability to send stories and snaps which disappears after a few seconds the recipient has opened the file. This feature was first introduced by Snapchat and was the only social media that was able to implement this for quite sometime. This has attracted users and though that other social media platforms had followed and has started to offer the same feature, its popularity has remained the same. However, there are a few users who has expressed that when they use Snapchat camera and they tap snaps, they would only see a black screen without any message of error. Furthermore, even if they left the video to load for a long time, it would not load. Others would also say that they would see grey preview image when they are loading a snap into the app. If you are one of those who are experiencing these errors, do not worry as through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to fix the error of not loading snaps.

How to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

This mentioned issue is a usual experience across all platforms no matter if your are using Apple, Android or Microsoft. Though that is the case, do not fret as there are methods you could use to solve and fix the issue.

Method 1 – Restart your mobile phone

This method is often the answer to most errors and technical issues. If the reason of the error is just minor, this method will be able to solve this issue. For example, if the app has not loaded correctly, this method would definitely will work. Hence, it is worth trying to reboot your phone.


  • Press the power button and volume down button simultaneously until you see the next screen
  • Follow the directions and restart your phone


  • Press volume up button
  • Push the power button until you see the Apple Logo

Method 2 – Clear Snapchat Cache

This is another method that you could try especially when there are times when you download numerous types of data and media files, there is a possibility that the file could be be downloaded properly. This means this could lead to the app not working properly which would also lead to error in loading your snaps.


  • Go to settings of your phone
  • Go to applications
  • Select Snapchat
  • Click Storage
  • Tap Clear cache
Another way to do this is by:
  • Open Snapchat
  • Click Settings
  • Tap clear cache

Method 3 – Check Network Connection and Snapchat Server

Another possible reason why you cannot load your snaps is due to your internet connection. Hence, if you are using WiFi, you could try to switch to your mobile network or vice versa. If this still does not work, you could change your DNS settings.

  • GO to WiFi Settings
  • Select Modify Network
  • Click Advanced Settings
  • Tao Change IP Settings to Static
  • Change DNS1 and DNS2 to and

Method 4 – Clear the App Conversation

Another method to fix loading snap error is by trying to delete the conversation. To do this, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Go to Account Operations
  • find the option clear conversation
  • Choose the chat your would need to remove
  • Take in mind that if you do this method, it will remove all the snaps that you have previously received and sent in the conversation

Method 5 – Change the permission enabled for the app

Another possible reason for the error is due to the app, Snapchat does not have the correct permission to function. This could include storage, location, etc. To solve this problem, all you have to do is go to Snapchat settings and then tap on permission and enable the missing permission.

Method 6 – Reinstall the app or update the app

There are times when we would forget to update the apps that we are using which means that there is a possibility that you are not using the latest version of Snapchat which could lead to different errors. Hence, it is important for you to reinstall or update Snapchat. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open Play Store or Apple store
  • Search Snapchat app
  • Check in the store if update is available
  • If it is available, tap update the latest version

Method 7 – Re-ad your friend

This method is similar to clearing your conversation. This method requires you to re-add your friend. Take in mind that if you do this, all the snaps that you have sent and received will be deleted.

  • Go to Snapchat
  • Tap your profile
  • Click my friends
  • Tap the name of the friend you would wish to re-add
  • Add him or her back


We hope that through this article, we were able to guide and help you fix Snapchat loading error.

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