Best Games like Zwinky

Zwinky is an entertaining game that allows you to enter a virtual world and create a personal avatar to identify you. There are many activities in which you can participate such as dress up your character with the latest fashion, shop for new clothes or decorate a space that is specially assigned to you and your friends and family. It is also possible to chat with friends and meet new ones. Zwinky was originally launched in 2006 and while it was shut down in 2016, it made a comeback last year. Still, if you are looking for an alternative that offers similar options, there are other titles that are worth checking. In this list, you will find the games that are similar to Zwinky and that offer multiple activities to keep you entertained.


This enchanting virtual world specially designed for kids offers charming characters and over 50 islands to explore. The islands include classic options like Ghost Story Island, Vampires Curse Island and Charlie and the Chocolate factory, as well as new islands like Mystery of the Map, Arabian Nights, Survival, Mocktropica, Galactic Hot Dogs and Virus Hunter Island. Potropica offers a lot of fun and there are many activities to complete, including reading books and comics, take part in challenges with your new friends and more. Creating a character is easy and once you do, you’ll be ready to discover what Poptropica has to offer.


Fantage is another appealing virtual world that is designed to offer a safe and appealing entertainment platform for kids. Fantage focuses on offering a fun and safe environment where kids can create their own avatar, dress it up and make new friends. It is possible to create a cool avatar with your own style, with the help of all the customization options available. You can select the hairdo, clothes and appearance that you prefer for your character. Apart from being entertaining, Fantage also aims to offer educational activities to help kids to have fun while learning.


Roblox was released over a decade ago and it is a highly popular platform that gives you the possibility of creating your own worlds or explore the ones created by others. It has millions of users who have designed their own adventures unleashing their imagination. In Roblox, you can plat games and discover many entertainment options. It is possible to use bricks to create games and items. Roblox uses Lua, a programming language that gives you the chance to come up with your own creations in a simple way.


If you love dressing up and trying new styles, check out Woozworld, a game that lets you try many different clothes and chat with friends. It combines entertaining gaming activities, as well as social media features. You can take your creativity to the next level and push the boundaries of your imagination. In this virtual world, you can select how your character looks like and there are only a few simple steps required to create your Woozen. Just pick an avatar and then enter your account information to get started.

Gaia Online

Gaia Online is another interactive game where players can create their own avatar, selecting the style they want. In Gaia Online, it is possible to find an incredible selection of items for your avatar, including clothing, accessories, pets, weapons and more. You choose how your avatar looks like and you can also join forums to discuss a variety of topics with other members. You can talk about books, games, fashion, anime, politics and anything else. Gaia Online is a great community/game where you can have fun and make new friends. You have a lot of freedom to select your character’s appearance.

Small Worlds

Millions of users have joined Small Worlds, a community that offers a lot of entertainment. You can create your own character and personalize it with the great variety of customization options available. Apart from creating your own avatar, you can adopt a pet, collect thousands of interesting items and even create sculptures, paintings and other works of art. It is also possible to chat with other members of this community and make friends from around the world.


WeeWorld was created in Scotland in March 2000, making it one of the oldest options of its kind. It became popular thanks to the fact that it allowed users to create WeeMees, screen avatars with unique features. WeeMees can be created using your own style and there are many mini games available to keep you busy. WeeMee offers the chance to get cool items for the WeeMee by completing tasks that let you earn green points. As you accumulate points, you have more options to get more accessories to add more fun to your WeeMee experience. Update: Unfortunately, WeeMee stopped working on May 2017. But there have been many efforts to bring it back, which shows the popularity of this second world and how much it meant to fans.

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