Best Vinyl Cutting Machines

It can difficult to select a good quality vinyl cutter, particularly if you don’t have much experience with these devices. In order to sort things out, it is important to search for a professional plotter that provides quality that you can trust in. Avoiding making the wrong choice is essential because this could lead to frustration. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when buying a vinyl cutter is to only consider the force, speed and price of a machine. It is not the best way to go as you could end up with a machine that is very strong in paper, but that doesn’t meet your expectations when it comes to cutting standards.

How to choose the best vinyl cutting machine

In order to make the right decision, it is important to check some additional aspects apart from force, speed and price. You need to keep in mind your needs and what you expect to get out of the machine. Consider the way in which you want to manage your media, how complex your graphics are going to be. Also think about the chance that you have to contour cut printed images or make perforated decals. Last, but not least, make sure that you look for manufacturers that are known for offering top customer support, in case you come across any technical issues. This will ensure that you get the help needed to overcome any challenges. Here you will find the best and most popular vinyl cutting machines available.

USCutter TITAN 28-inch Vinyl Cutter with Stand and VinylMaster Cut Software

If you want a professional-grade machine, the USCutter TITAN 28-inch Vinyl Cutter is an excellent choice that provides a great selection of features, for a convenient price. The machine can cut multiple materials and it is excellent for cutting adhesive vinyl, mask material, window film, sandblast stencil. hard paperboard and more. In addition, the frame of the machine is made of a solid aluminum and there is a four-wheeled carriage with laser assisted alignment. The machine also offers accurate tracking thanks to the high quality pinch rollers and grit rollers. Thanks to the intuitive software and the user-friendly interface that it offers, you will be able to use the machine without hassle. The Titan 2 also comes with a large LCD display and a control panel with adjustable speed. The machine has a floor stand and a catch basket and it offers advanced features for small businesses and individuals who want to bring their DIY projects to the next level.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

Cricut is known for creating high quality machines that work well for DIY projects. Their latest model offers fantastic features that are perfect for scrapbooking enthusiasts. One of the main benefits of this device is that it can cut and write up to double the speed of the older Cricut Explore models. Since time is very important, Cricut has implemented a Fast mode that improves the performance of the cutter significantly. Apart from being fast, the Explore Air 2 increases the cutting capacity when dealing with cardstock, vinyl, leather and more. This cutting machine is able to cut with incredible precision. You can use Cricut pens for handwritten projects and there are over 370 fonts that allow you to create a personalized look effortlessly. The Smart Set Dial is also a great feature that deserves to be mentioned as it lets you find the right setting for your project. You can design on a variety of platforms including iOS, macOS and Windows. The main downside is that this machine is more expensive than other options available.

Cricut Maker

The new model of the new Cricut maker lets you handle any project effortlessly, thanks to the improved design of the rotary blade and the impressive set of features. The Cricut Maker is a professional cutter that provides top performance and that works well with a great variety of materials. You can cut soft fabric, paper and more materials and it is also possible to deal with leather, matboard, balsa wood and more. It is a flexible machine that can tackle pretty much anything. The selection of tools available is fantastic and it is possible to cut, write and score many different materials with great accuracy. You can even expect additional features to be added as Cricut is continuously working to provide the even more tools. It is a precise solution with a lot of customization options.

Silhouette Cameo 3 Bluetooth Starter Bundle

This is the next version of the vinyl cutting machines series and it follows the Cameo 2. The Cameo 3 offers an excellent selection of features and it offers advanced technology that will allow to cut vinyl with incredible precision. One of the highlights of this machine is the Bluetooth receiver that lets you send your creations without using wires. The Silhouette Cameo 3 supports many different materials including paper, fabric and of course, vinyl. The machine also offers many customization options and it is designed to make the cutting process hassle-free. It features an AutoBlade system that can be used to set the right blade depth for you and to manage more tasks simultaneously. There is a wide selection of pens and blades to choose from.

Silhouette Portrait

This cutting machine is an outstanding choice to tackle any creative project and it supports an extensive list of materials (over 100) including vinyl, cardstock, fabric, chipboard, paper and more. While the machine is small, it packs a lot of power and thanks to its ease of use, it is perfect for less experienced users. You will be able to cut effortlessly. You just need to connect the machine to your computer using the USB cable included. It is possible to do many different things such as downloading shapes from the online store, cut a font on your computer or create artistic designs. This is a lightweight, easy to use solution that offers a great deal of flexibility and a high standard of quality.

Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Vinyl Starter Kit Bundle

If you are a beginner, the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine is a great option that definitely deserves to be considered. It is flexible and very efficient, and you can even use it to work on multiple projects in a fast manner. It is ideal for personal use and it features a silent motor. The kit comes with all the features needed to get the best possible results. The software is very easy to use and a practical guide is also included. There are over 50 exclusive designs that can be use to cut and the kit includes a vinyl trimmer blade, as well as a black cutting blade. There is also a 12 X 12 cutting mat, as well as USB & power cable. In addition, the machine comes with 4 sheets of premium vinyl in a variety of colors: white, pink, white and green. You can download many vinyl designs and the elegant touchscreen makes navigation very easy.

Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

This is a highly reliable option that offers top performance and high quality. It can be used to cut basic DIY crafts and at the same time, it is also great for complex projects. The highlight of this machine is its wireless capacity. It allows you to cut without wires, thanks to the fact that it supports Bluetooth technology. You don’t need to deal with wires that only cause more hassle. It is perfect to avoid clutter and it supports many devices and you can sync them all since the apps are cloud-based. It is ideal for home users who want to bring their creativity to the next level. It can help you to create many decorations, invitations and more. The machine gives you freedom to add your personal touch to all your projects. It offers over 50,000 images, fonts and projects that allow you to do pretty much anything you want.

Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

Roland is a leading brand in the industry thanks to the advanced technology that it offers. It is the preferred option for many graphic design and advertising businesses that want to create unique stickers, signs and more. It is a premium solution that offers great value for money. Precision and efficiency are crucial when it comes to a cutting machine. The Roland GS-24 relies in the latest technology to cut vinyl fast and smartly. With the optical registration system, the machine is able to recognize the crop marks from your desktop printer and it aligns with the media with great precision to ensure that you get accurate cuts. It also offers manual adjustment for the blade and it works well even for small designs. The machine is also capable of cutting a wide variety of materials. Another advantage of this vinyl cutter is its fantastic speed.

Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in Bundle – Sign Marking Kit with Design and Cut Software, Supplies and Tools

If you are just getting started, but want to invest on a top quality machines, this option from USCutter is definitely worth considering. It comes with all the tools and supplies needed to get the best results. It is fast and its performance is fantastic, which is why it is not a surprise that it is considered as one of the best options available when it comes to vinyl cutters. It works with an extensive selection of materials and it features three pinch-rollers that can fully adjusted. It has a dual ball-bearing media roller system and instead of feeding the material, it allows you to place it on top of the rollers. Although it doesn’t have laser, the performance of the cutter is very good and the kit comes with all the tools and instructions required.

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