Novus 8 oz Polish Kit Review

If you are looking for powerful action to fix the appearance of your car by getting rid of minor damage, consider the Novus Polish kit. This effective solution features three different types of polishes to provide complete treatment. The first polish will clean and shine the surface. The second one fills in and fixes superficial scratches, while the third polish is designed to tackle deep scratches. The Novus is gentle on painting but tough on scratches and other blemishes.

It adds a shiny finish that can keep dust out, making it also ideal on dashboards. When used on headlamps, the Novus provides gloss and helps to reduce fogging. This solution is also suitable for acrylic surfaces. Although there are many good reasons to choose the Novus Polish kit, this option is not suitable for coated plastic and the price is higher than what you would pay for other similar products.


The kit includes three 8 oz polishers: one Fine Scratch Remover, one Clean & Shine Polish and one Heavy Scratch Remover. Two Novus Polish Mates and a Brochure. The solution is also great for cleaning and maintenance of motorcycle windshields, boats, car headlamps and CDs or DVDs. It is practical and easy to carry so you can keep it handy whenever needed. The Novus Polish kit effectively removes scratches.


The Novus can remove light and deep scratches. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and it works well on acrylic. It adds gloss and can keep dust at bay.


It is not suitable for coated plastic and compared to other options, the Novus kit is expensive.

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