How to update TomTom for free

TomTom is a leading manufacturer of satnav devices and its products are known for the high quality and versatility that they offer. TomTom navigators are built to last and drivers around the world rely on this system to plan their journeys. TomTom maps are regularly updated and if you recently purchased a device from this brand, you will find that the latest maps come installed on your satnav. However, if you bought a TomTom navigator a while ago, you may be wondering what can you do to get free updates and maps.

When it comes to devices recently acquired, it is worth considering that TomTom offers a variety of models, and it is worth considering that each of them offer their own advantages. However, the most important aspect to keep in mind if you want to ensure that you can get free maps, is to get a TomTom navigator that supports this option. You need to buy a model that features Free LifeTime Maps. This can save you time and money trying to get new updates since you will have a device that is ready to be used whenever you need it. An alternative is to look for the sales available online to get free maps. From time to time, it is possible to get convenient discounts on TomTom technology.

Why do you need to update TomTom maps?

The reason why you want to get updates on TomTom maps is that if you have owned a device for a long time, the maps become outdated and they won’t allow you to navigate efficiently. Without an updated map database, a TomTom navigator with old maps is not helpful at all and you will come across many errors.

How can you update TomTom?

It is possible to update the maps by going to the official TomTom website and downloading the TomTom Home app to your computer. Once you do this, the data on your navigator will be recognized and you will get the latest maps available. You need to pay for these maps, but the investment is worth considering since these maps are carefully reviewed and you can be sure that they are kept up to date. However, if you don’t want to pay for updates on your TomTom navigator, there are some alternatives that you can try. Here you will find three ways in which you can get free maps or free map updates.

Method 1 – Use MapShare

We’ll start with MapShare, a solution offered by TomTom itself. With this tool, users have the possibility of making changes to TomTom maps. They can correct street names, add updates on blocked roads, turn restrictions, changes in traffic direction or speed limits and more. The modifications are uploaded by TomTom owners and they are organized into a single package that then becomes available to all users who register on the developer website and that have already installed the Home app on their computers.

When you connect the device to the computer and activate TomTom Home, you will be prompted to download the updates available from the MapShare package. The data available through MapShare is fairly accurate and it gives you almost the same quality and convenience of a premium set of maps, without any cost. In addition, these free updates are available more often than the paid maps, which are only released a limited amount of times throughout the year. Since there are TomTom users in many countries, you are likely to find updates that cover most of the world.

Method 2 – Use independent projects

The second option to get updated maps on your TomTom without having to pay is to use a third-party solution that uses Open Street Maps. Open Street maps are updated on a regular basis by a community of supporters. One of the projects that relies on OSM and that offers free maps for TomTom is ttMaps. With ttMaps, you can get raster map, route adjustments, route creations and the app also gives you warnings in case you are not following the route correctly. The software also allows you to imports and use Google Maps’s registered routes in GPS format. The downside is that there is no turn-by-turn guide or other advanced features supported. It is possible to install ttMaps on an SD card and use it with the original software on the TomTom device.

Method 3 – Use the mobile app

If you have an advanced Android smartphone or an iPhone, you can use the mobile app instead of the classic navigator, which may be out of date. While you need to pay to download the TomTom app, it comes with lifetime free maps and free daily map change that uploads the modifications made by the users straight away. Even if it is not a completely free option, it can be very convenient as it allows you to plan your route effectively and ensure that there are no hassles in your trip. You won’t even need to use the TomTom navigator, just your smartphone, which can be used for many other tasks.

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