Halo Rover Hoverboard Review

Hoverboards have showed that they are more than just a trend and since they are still pretty popular, manufacturers keep delivering new options to meet customers’ needs. One of the most innovative and versatile devices available is the Halo Rover, a hoverboard that works on all terrain. Halo Board has been offering high quality products for over a decade and the company continues growing. It has built a solid reputation in the industry and many users trust their hoverboard above other options. Let’s take a closer look at the Halo Rover Hoverboard in this review.


In order to start with this Halo Rover Hoverboard review, we open with a basic, but important aspect to consider, the specifications. The scooter measures 9.1 x 8.7 x 27.5 inches and it weighs 32 pounds. It is made of high-grade aluminium, which places it ahead of many hoverboards in the market that are made of less durable materials. The Halo Rover is capable of handling up to 265lbs, which is also gives it the advantage over many common hoverboards that have a maximum capacity of around 220lbs. The hoverboard can go as fast as 10 miles per hour, making it faster than the average board. It is capable of traveling a distance of 10 miles on a single charge and it is able to climb hills up to an angle of about 18-20 degrees.

The hoverboard comes with LED lights that offer greater visibility for pedestrians and cars. Its wheels measure 8.5 inches each (diameter) and they work on any terrain. The larger size of the wheels, offers better stability and durability, but it also means that the product is heavier than the average scooter. The Halo Rover stands out for being the only model that comes with protective guards for the wheels. These guards are also made of aluminium. The hoverboard also boasts Bluetooth speaker, which means that you can play music from your phone when you are on it.

There is also a smartphone app that lets you keep an eye on the speed you are riding at, as well as the distance you have traveled. You can also see how much power is left. It is possible to use the app to adjust multiple settings including speed and the steering sensitivity. In addition, there are three different modes for multiple users such as normal, training and advanced. The hoverboard features self-balancing technology that allows you to ride smoothly and with greater stability. There is also a heavy-duty carrying case with a shoulder strap, which helps you to carry it. While this is not always included when you buy the board, there are many cases when it comes with it, just keep an eye on the deals to get this practical accessory. The Halo board was originally available for nearly $1000, but now it is possible to get it for half the price.

Halo Rover Vs Halo Board

You may have heard about the Halo Board, an electric skateboard from the same manufacturer. The Halo Board is very similar to the Halo Rover. The main difference is that when you use the first one, your body has to be in the same position as it would be with a traditional skateboard. The Halo Board is slightly faster, but it offers about the same battery life as the Halo Rover. Currently, the Halo Board is recognized as the best electric skateboard available and it is also more expensive than the Halo Rover. It costs $997 USD, although it is down from nearly $1500. It offers smooth rides and it has a stylish design. However, it doesn’t work on all terrains.


Safety is a crucial aspect when it comes to any product and hoverboards are not the exception. You’ll be glad to know that the Halo Rover has received UL2272 certification, which means that it has been officially approved by a well-known, non-profit organization, which has confirmed that this self-balancing scooter adheres to all the safety standards of the industry. You can rely on the performance and the safety of the battery. In addition, the Halo Rover meets IPX4 water resistance compliance standards, which means that it can be used even when it is raining and it can resist water splashes. This is a feature that you won’t find on many hoverboards in this price range.

Advantages of Halo Rover

The strong build and resistance that the Halo Rover offer are some of the highlights of this product. It is fast and it offers consistent performance. The Halo Hover is capable of dealing with inclines and small hills without hassle. The app is easy to use and it is perfect for people who are just getting started. In addition, the safety certifications offer trust and ensure that you can use the product with confidence and for many years to come.

Disadvantages of Halo Rover

Overall, the Halo Rover is a great product, but that doesn’t mean that it is perfect. For instance, it is too heavy and since it may run out of battery after one hour, if you are riding at top speed, you may have to carry it at some point. Although there is a carrying bag available, the hoverboard is still quite heavy.

Users’ reviews

The Halo Rover hoverboard enjoy quite a high rating on popular platforms like Amazon. Most users praise its safety, strong built and durability. The reviews also mention that the hoverboard can be controlled easily and they highlight its capacity to deal with all terrains. It offers such versatility that you can ride it even on grass.

Halo Rover vs Epikgo comparison

Like the Halo Rover, the Epikgo is an all-terrain self balancing scooter, which makes it its main competitor. In terms of design, these two hoverboards are very similar and you will notice that the shape, the size and all the main aspects of their appearance are pretty much the same. Both are UL 2272 certified and can travel up to 10mph for up to 10 miles. They have mobile apps, LED lights and can hold a weight of up to 260lbs. They are all terrain with 8.5 inch tires and they have a hill climbing capacity of 18 degrees. Bot are water-resistance and feature 400w dual motors. The main different is that the Epikgo doesn’t support Bluetooth capabilities and it is slightly lighter than the Halo Rover.

Can children use this hoverboard?

The minimum weight required for using the Halo Rover hoverboard is only 45lbs. As long as your child is over the minimum weight and at least 8 years old, they probably will be able to use this hoverboard without issues. Still, it is advisable that parents supervise younger kids as they start getting used to riding the Halo Rover.

Warranty information

The Halo Rover comes with a 12-month warranty that covers you in case of manufacturing defects. If you come across an issue, you can send the Halo Rover back for repair or replacement, if needed. Still, it is important to keep in mind that there are some conditions that should be met to be eligible for this.


The Halo Rover has become more affordable and since it is one of the best products of its kind, it is an investment worth considering. It is safe, fast, reliable and easy to ride. In addition, it offers a great selection of features and it comes from one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. The Halo Rover is a versatile and safe option, and it is available in Black, Pink, Blue and White.

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