Halo GO Hoverboard Review

You may think that the self-balancing scooters craze is over, but the truth is that their popularity is still strong. Hoverboards became a sensation in great part thanks to movies and celebrities who shared their riding skills with their fans on social media. Many people use them not only for fun, but to save time when they are trying to get from one place to another one. They are really fun to ride and are a good way to get somewhere, as long as the distance is relatively short.

If you live nearby work or school and don’t feel like walking or cycling, a scooter would be a very convenient option. There are many other scenarios in which they would be a practical solution. Instead of driving to the shop to pick up your groceries, you can simply use your self-balancing scooter or hoverboard, which will save you save money on gas. In addition, self-balancing scooters are also a good way to practice balance as when you ride one, you have to force yourself to stay upright while you maneuver back and forth.

The popularity of self-balancing scooters reached a pinnacle in 2016, when the prices became more affordable. Initially, self-balancing scooters were simply too expensive to reach the mainstream, but once the manufacturers cut down the prices, the hoverboard phenomenon started. Nowadays, it is not strange to see someone riding one of them. In this review, we will focus on the Halo Go Hoverboard, one of the hoverboards that you will find while looking for the best options available in the market.


Making sure that the hoverboard you choose meets all the required safety standards is crucial. When it comes to the Halo GO hoverboard, it is great to see that it has UL2272 certification, meaning that the board has passed strict tests that confirm its safety. The tests have been carried by New UL, a company that specializes on testing the safety of hoverboards. New UL was established in 2015 to tackle the issues that were reported about electric scooters catching fire, in most cases due to poor quality or faulty batteries.

When you see a board that has UL2272 certification, you know that you can ride it safely since it has gone through the necessary checks to verify that it meets the necessary criteria. We recommend that you only use boards with this certification, such as the Halo Go. Apart from being UL2272 certified, the Halo Go uses UL-certified Lithium batteries from Samsung, which is one of the most reliable names in the electronics industry. Samsung batteries offer high quality and are another aspect that reinforces the safety of the Halo Go.

Ease of use

The Halo Go is a ideal for those who are just starting thanks to the safety and high quality that it offers. It is also a good choice for riders who have more experience. Thanks to the “Halo Guards”, the board is protected from scratches, which are likely to happen if you fall. Keep in mind also that while the Halo Go is safe and even if you are an experienced rider, you may fall at some stage.


Many users will love the fact that the Halo Go comes with Bluetooth speakers included. This allows you to connect your smartphone to the board to play music while you are riding. This adds fun to your experience with the Halo board. Now let’s talk more about the battery. It provides 500W electric power motor juice that enables you to ride around for around 2 hours. Most hoverboards only last up to one hour when you are riding continuously, so the Halo Go stands apart thanks to the extended battery life that it offers. However, it is important to keep in mind that how long the battery lasts will depend on how fast you go and for how long. When the battery is low and you need to recharge it, you will also need to allow about 2 hours for the process to be completed.

In terms of speed, it should be noted that the Halo Go reaches a maximum speed of 7mph, which is the average top speed for a lot of electric scooters. While it is possible to find faster options such as the Halo Rover (which can go up to 9mph) or the Hovertrax 2.0 that can reach up to 8mph, the Halo Go is not too bad in this category. Plus, it should be noted that the Halo Go Hoverboard is capable of taking you up to 12 miles. This distance is impressive, considering the small size of the board.

Thanks to its design and relatively small tires, the board is capable of traveling a long distance. It should be noted that it is specifically designed for flat, pavement surfaces. The distance also depends on the weigh and the Halo Go can carry up to 220lbs and it is a resistant and solid board. This is a remarkable capacity, considering that the board itself weighs about 22 lbs. This makes it more dynamic, easy to maneuver and is light enough to carry, if needed. You can easily turn and ride the board effortlessly.

If you want to ride the scooter at night, the LED lights on the Halo Go will guide you while you take a short journey when it’s dark. The LED lights also server to increase your visibility for safety, but it is also important that you wear a fluorescent vest or pants to make sure that drivers and pedestrians can see you.


The Halo Go offers great performance and convenient features, but the truth is that high quality doesn’t come cheap. Originally the price tag was nearly $800, but it has been cut down and currently, it is possible to get the Halo Go for $347. This is still high, but it should be noted that it is less than what you would pay for other hoverboards. Due to the quality and high standard of safety that the Halo Go offers, it is an investment worth considering.


If you are looking for a safe, easy to use hoverboard that supports convenient features, the Halo Go is highly recommended. Its popularity is well-justified as you can expect a long-lasting, resistant and safe board that allows you to enjoy music on the go and to ensure that others see you when you are riding at night. Halo is a reliable manufacturer so you can’t go wrong with the Halo Go hoverboard.

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