Google Maps Alternatives

When apps and websites are updated, the changes implemented are generally set to improve the overall performance. However, in some cases the updates are not necessarily for the best and what used to be a perfectly functionality service or app, ends up becoming a frustrating experience for those who use them. The popular saying “if it is not broken, don’t fix it” seems to be appropriate in many cases in which customers have difficulties adapting to the changes that developers make to the applications that they used to love.

That may be the case when it comes to Google Maps, the popular web mapping service created by Google. While it may be just a matter of personal taste, there are many users who are disappointed with the changes implemented on Google Maps and would prefer to try a different option. In April 2015, the classic Google Maps was replaced with a new version and many users were not happy about it. There were even online petitions asking the company’s CEO to bring back the classic version. If you want to explore what else is there in terms of online mapping solutions, you can check these useful alternatives.


MapQuest allows you to plan your trip efficiently by allowing you to find detailed information about roads, amenities and services available in your route. It is owned by AOL, one of the biggest names in internet media. MapQuest works with OpenStreetmap, which enables it to present details that are more useful and relevant for users. You can find hotels, parks, restaurants, bars and gas stations. MapQuest also provides traffic information and a practical gas price comparison feature that lets you type your address to find out which nearby gas station offers the best deal.


Yandex is a household name in Russia and it is the most popular search engine in the country, even above Google. Yandex’s mapping solution provides features like street view, routes, traffic information and the option to look for a variety of places and organizations. It includes information about hotels, car servicing, gas stations, shopping malls, restaurants, ATMs, bars, pharmacies and more. The search option is simple and effective and you can get directions and plan routes easily. It is also possible to save places to customize your experience.


Previously known as Navteq, Ovi Maps and Nokia Maps, Here Maps is another good option that offers the same functionality as Google Maps. This is a cloud-based mapping solution, meaning that all their location and services data are stored securely on remote servers. You can access Here Maps for free from any device and enjoy its fast and simple interface. It offers multiple features including turn by turn direction navigation, 3D maps and traffic information for your regular route. Since it aims to support real time information, Here is ideal for drivers who want to stay up to date in order to enjoy safe and efficient mobility.


As you may have guessed by the name, Wikimapia is an open-content collaborative map, where any user can contribute with their knowledge, marking places using tags, adding descriptions and uploading images. This makes Wikimapia a comprehensive solution that includes a wide selection of information from across the world. All the data compiled is conveniently organized for easy and free access. Thanks to the editing features, the information can be continuously updated and improved. There is a wide selection of categories that include different places of interest in your area and anywhere else in the world.

Bing Maps

Microsoft Bing Suite offers a practical option that gives you the possibility of exploring the world through its Bird’s eye feature, which displays aerial photographs and detailed look from above. Bing Maps is easy to use and provides options like street maps, 3D maps and traffic information. You can save places and get a variety of information about venues and services. There is a standard road map and an automatic option that switches to the best map style when you zoom. Bing Maps lets you get directions and details about distances in the routes you plan. Bing Maps also offers mapping solutions for enterprises.

Waze Map

Waze is also a mapping solution supported by contributors that share their knowledge to help others to enjoy a better driving experience. It works as a community of drivers that help each other to avoid traffic, reduce travelling time and discover better routes to make their daily commute more efficient. Originally developed in Israel and owned by Google, Waze is easy to use and drivers only need to keep the app open as the drive, to contribute with traffic and other road data. They can also proactively share information about accidents, dangerous roads and more details that would be useful for other drivers.

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