Best Games Like Free Realms

Fans of MMORPG may remember Free Realms a game from Sony that was set in a fantasy land known as Sacred Grove. The game was originally released in 2009 and it was compatible with Windows, Mac and PS3. Free Realms was available to download and play for free and there was also a membership that allowed a player to create 3 characters on their account and that also offered additional benefits such as quests and items exclusive for members. Unfortunately, Free Realms was shut down in 2014 after Sony ran out of resources to maintain the game’s servers. This was bad news for many players who were captivated by the entertaining adventures that the game offered. Luckily, there are other free games out there that will feed your imagination and allow you to embark in wonderful adventures in fantasy worlds.

Here are the best alternatives to Free Realms.


Set in the medieval fantasy world of Gielinor, Runescape is known as the largest free MMORPG in the world. Millions of players have created accounts to explore the kingdoms of Gielinor and to face the challenges and monsters found in every region. You can start with the convenient module for beginners, which takes you through the most important concepts of the game. Once you are ready to discover what Gielinor has in store, you will be able to obtain multiple skills and participate in challenging quests and combats. Apart from developing your combat skills, you can work on other important abilities such as fishing, cooking and mining. You can play for free or upgrade to the paid version to get more out of your Runescape experience.

Wizard 101

If you are intrigued by spells, wands and anything related to magic, Wizard 101 is the game that you need to try. It gives you the chance to be an apprentice of all the magical arts. Explore the fantastic world of Wizard 101 and join the Ravenswood Academy, where you can learn powerful spells, collect magic cards and defeat monsters to keep Wizard city safe from evil.

Order & Chaos Online

Created by Gameloft, Order & Chaos Online is considered as one of the best MMORPG options for Android devices. The game is similar to World of Warcraft, one of the most popular games in the world. Order & Chaos Online allows you to explore amazing worlds, participate in battles and interact with other players. You can also collaborate with them in epic quests. You can choose if you want to be an elf, an orc, a human, a mendel or an undead. The game is very entertaining and it is free to play.

Iruna Online

games similar to free realm
This is a thrilling 3D experience that gives you four different countries to explore and to conquer. The lands in Iruna are as follows: Parul Republic, Mithurna Federation, Principality of Darkan and the Empire of Slebinia. Iruna is a popular game that offers the chance to cooperate and chat with players from all around the world. You have to beat powerful monsters in order to make it to the next level and progress to a different profession. At first, you will be an adventurers and as they move up within the game, you can become a warrior or mage. Iruna Online offers amazing graphics and it is very entertaining.

Dragon Eternity

Developed by GIGL, Dragon Eternity combines a fascinating storyline with outstanding graphics and incredible features to boost your character’s powers. In the game, two rival empires will have to join forces to defeat a common ancient enemy who threatens to take over the Dragon World. Dragon Eternity offers beautiful landscapes, but it can also be mortal if you are not careful. There are several stunning locations and many options to enjoy the game such as mass battles and mini games. It is possible to select weapons and magical powers.


Fiesta is a free to play anime style MMORPG that has hooked thousands of players around the world with the magical and challenging world that it portrays. In Fiesta, you need to be very brave and be prepared to face evil enemies. Fiesta takes you to Isya, a world of adventure where you need to complete quests, defeat ferocious monsters and more. You can be a fighter, a cleric, an archer, a mage or a joker.


toontown mmorpg
Do you love cartoons? Have you even wondered what it would be like to be a cartoon character? Then you need to check Toontown, a game that lets you have fun doing all sorts of crazy things. Create your own character, throw pies to your rivals, interact with others, visit parks and enjoy all the options that Toontown has to offer. While the original Toontown from Disney was taken down a while ago, you can still play the game thanks to the revival that is available online and that can be played for free.

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