Best Galileo Thermometers

Galileo thermometers can add a special, unique touch to your home, or office. They combine science and art, bringing a new use for the principles of Galileo Galilei, one of the most prodigious minds in history. Galileo thermometers could be a good decoration accessory and would be a nice gift for weather aficionados. However, choosing the best options could be difficult and many people don’t know exactly what to look for when buying a Galileo thermometer. This is why, before we go through the list of the top Galileo thermometers available, we’ll talk about the aspects that need to be considered when you are getting one.

What do you need to keep in mind before buying a Galileo thermometer?


One of the main things to consider before purchasing a Galileo thermometer is the size and the space that you have available at home. It is important to opt for a thermometer that fits in the space where it is meant to be kept, so make sure that you take the size into consideration.


While Galileo thermometers are partly scientific devices, aesthetics play an important part. Selecting a gadget that looks well and that has a design that is appealing to you, is important. You need to choose a Galileo thermometer that suits your space, particularly if you are mainly interested in using it for decoration purposes.


While Galileo Thermometers play a decorative role mainly, they are also meant to offer reliable temperature readings. Their functionality is what distinguishes from a mere accessory that only has to look pretty in your living room. A good Galileo thermometer will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will also be able to offer accurate readings. They may not be the most precise tools for getting temperature readings, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t aim to get a device that works well in this area.

Keep your home décor in mind

This can be slightly challenging, but you need to consider the exact position in which you want to place the Galileo thermometer. This will allow you to decide which is the best option for you. The appearance of the device, its color and overall design should go well with the environment in which you want to place it.

The enclosure

This is also an aspect that needs to be checked when you are buying a Galileo thermometer since it is crucial for safety and security. You will find devices that are enclosed inside a wood build, some that have a metallic structure and more. Given that these thermometers use glass, you need to make sure that this fragile material is protected with a sturdy one.


This is a factor that matters, not only when it comes to Galileo thermometers, but with anything that you purchase. Regardless of the amount that you are willing to invest, it is important to opt for a device that offers a good balance between quality and performance.

Top Galileo Thermometer

Wind & Weather Galileo Thermometer

This stylish Galileo thermometer will look great on your desk and it provides precise temperature readings. Its calibration ensures that you stay updated with any fast, or gradual temperature changes in your house or office. It is lightweight and its cherry finished wood adds an elegant touch. The thermometer can stand freely and it has beautiful jewel and gold highlights. We would just preferred that the glass was thicker.

G.W SH213 Galileo Thermometer

Simple and modern looking, this thermometer is set to detect temperature changes between 64 and 84 degrees Farenheit. It is a practical and reliable solution and apart from looking good as a decoration piece, it can also be a convenient way to learn more about temperature changes. The variety of colorful spheres can detect changes adequately and the thermometer is also very affordable.

H-B DURAC B62000-0800 Galileo Thermometer

One of the highlights of this thermometer is its stability. The glass balls inside rise and fall according to the temperature changes that alter the density of the liquid in which they are floating on. Like the majority of Galileo thermometers, it can dictate temperature changes ranging between 64 and 80 degrees F with an accuracy of +/- 2. It comes with multiple spheres that have a colorful liquid that allows you to see them easily from a distance.

AcuRite 00751WB Galileo Thermometer

AcuRite is a leading name in the industry and this Galileo thermometer is a great example of the high quality that you can expect from it. Apart from looking great, it is stable and its thick and durable glass make it an option that is more resistant. It comes with a variety of colorful glass bulbs that feature liquids of different densities that go up or down, according to the temperatures. The main downside of this Galileo thermometer is that filling the liquid is not that simple.

River City Clocks Galileo Thermometer

Here is another great option for those looking for a reliable and good looking Galileo thermometer. It features high quality glass that is finger-print resistant and easy to clean. The variety of colors in the glass balls make them easy to see from the distance and also more appealing. You can even customize the device when you order it, which would make it an ideal gift.

Ambient Weather WS-GA1141710 Galileo Thermometer

Again, Ambient shows that it makes high quality products and this Galileo thermometer features a sealed glass that contains liquid and floating colorful glass globes with different densities. This is a more accurate version of other Ambient Galileo thermometers. You can easily read the thermometer readings thanks to its size. The glass is designed to last and the thermometer is a great addition to your home or office.

AcuRite 00795A2 Galileo Thermometer

AcuRite’s cylindrical thermometer and barometer is an amazing option that offer incredible quality and performance. The thermometer can detect temperature and weather changes accurately. Relying on scientific principles, it provides precise readings and since it comes with a wood base, it is very safe. The only downside is that the glass is not as thick as we would like.

Lily’s Home Galileo Thermometer

This Galileo thermometer stands apart thanks to its impressive capacity to detect temperature changes. Unlike other devices that can only detect temperatures between 64F and 80F, the Lily’s Home Galileo Thermometer is capable of detecting temperatures ranging between 64F and 80F. It has ten colored bulbs with gold tags that make it look even better.

Pawaca Galileo Thermometer and Multicolor Glass Spheres Fluid Barometer

Pawaca offers another good quality device based on the principle of object density with temperature changes. The colorful float globes fall or rise depending on the temperature changes. It is a great gift to decorate your office or a room at home and can also be a good tool to increase the curiosity about science in adults and kids.

Ambient Weather WS-GA1141305 Galileo Thermometer

This Galileo thermometer follows the same principles as other gadgets in the list. This gadget from Ambient comes with a sealed glass tube that contains liquid and colored glass balls inside it. The colored balls rise and fall to show temperature changes, like in other Galileo thermometers. The best part of this thermometer is its one-year warranty. It is also easy to set up and it provides accurate readings.

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