Fagor Pressure Cookers -The Best Value

If you are looking for good quality at a convenient price, Fagor pressure cookers would be an excellent choice for your kitchen. They offer solid performance and great value for money, which is why they are preferred for those who want a pressure cooker that is above average. While Fagor are not the highest rated pressure cookers in the market, they are much better than budget options and are more affordable than top level brands. We’ll take a look at what Fagor pressure cookers can offer.

Fagor Duo 8 Quart Pressure Cooker

From the moment you get the Fagor Duo Quart Pressure, you will notice the focus that the brand has placed on making things easy for users. There are detailed instructions in the box and a recipe book is included so you can get the best out of your pressure cooker. Although the cooker is ready to be used immediately, it is advisable to run it quickly through the dishwasher first. Just keep in mind that the lid/handle will need to be washed by hand.


The pot has a quality built and it feels solid and resistant. While there are other sizes available, the 8 quart is the favorite option for most users, given the fact that it is suitable for a wider range of recipes. It is the ideal size for the majority of recipes that you may want to try in your kitchen.

The instructions are clear and will help you to use the pressure cooker effectively. The pressure indicator is easy to see and allows you to determine when the unit is under pressure and when it has reached its maximum. The indicator will pop up within a few seconds when the steam starts to vent through the top, you will know that the pot is at its highest pressure.

You can select “2” for maximum pressure and lock the handle. Then you will need to turn down the heat to medium/low and time it. When it is ready, turn the knob and the “vent” setting to let the steam come out. For safety, it is not possible ti open the lid while there is any pressure in the cooker.

Using the pressure cooker

It is worth keeping in mind that when you are dealing with meat, you may need to add some minutes to the cooking time indicated in the recipes. This is because you would need to brown it first and then wait for the cooker to come to full pressure. Nevertheless, with a pressure cooker you can expect to save time when cooking your favorite recipes. Plus, the results are worth the wait as the meat is left soft and full of flavor. For perfect cooking, it is advisable to cut the meat in parts and to make sure that it is fully browned.

While the Fagor is cheaper than high-end models, that doesn’t mean that the quality is sacrificed. This pressure cooker features solid construction and great design. Electric pressure cookers are not recommended as they don’t achieve optimal pressure, meaning that you will need to spend more time cooking. Furthermore, their non-stick surfaces are not effective. On the other hand, a pressure cooker like the Fagor, offers stainless steel quality, which allows you to cook high acid food such as tomatoes without leaving a metallic flavor unlike aluminium.

The cooking results that you can get from the Fagor are quite good thanks to its efficient design that prevents food from scorching. At the bottom of the pot there is an aluminium plate covered by stainless steel. The purpose of the aluminium in this case is to conduct the heat to offer even cooking and browning. The disk is thick and can keep heat well. This also means that you won’t need to keep reheating in order to ensure that high pressure is maintained.

Why should you choose Fagor Pressure Cookers

What makes Fagor stand apart from cheaper options is the low setting that gives you the possibility of cooking vegetable and fish without burning them. The convenience, speed and healthy cooking option of pressure cooking can be fully enjoyed with a Fagor Pressure Cooker. You can find great deals and all the sizes available on Amazon. As previously mentioned, the 8 quart size is perfect for home use, but there is also a 10 quart for larger results or smaller versions so you will find an option to suit your needs.

Fagor Duo Combi 5-piece Pressure Cooker Set

This set of 5 pieces is a fantastic choice as it features the 8 quart and the 4 quart pressure cookers, as well as a pressure cooker lid and a tempered glass lid that can be used for both cookers. The kit also includes a pasta/steamer basket and a recipe book.

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