Best Ethernet cable for gaming

With Ethernet cables in your home network, you can ensure that there is always a good connection for gaming. Although WiFi would be enough in most cases, it is likely to become congested and affected by high latency, which could have a negative impact on your gaming experience. With Ethernet, you can decrease the chanced of being affected by high latency so you can enjoy the best possible connection while playing your favorite games.

What do you need to look for in an Ethernet cable for gaming

It is possible to find a variety of Ethernet cable types, including Cat7, which is the latest and fastest option. You can also opt for Cat5e, which is an older standard that is still commonly used. Each type of cable offers its own characteristics and the speed, noise resistance and cable length vary between them. Regardless of the type selected, you can expect great performance for your network.

Length of the cable

This is an essential aspect to keep in mind as you have to ensure that the cable is long enough to connect to any network appliances that you have to connect to. In the case of gaming, you can connect to game consoles or to a computer. When you buy a cable, it is normally better to get one that is longer than what you need, just in case. After all, it can be very frustrating to spend time setting up the network only to discover that the last cable is not long enough. When selecting an Ethernet cable, the maximum recommended limit for it is 100 meters. If you choose a longer cable, you won’t have issues sending data, but it is possible that you experience some problems with your network.

Additional equipment

Although all Ethernet cables are backwards compatible so you shouldn’t have any issues working with the remaining of your network, purchasing a better Ethernet cable won’t give you better speeds, unless the rest of the network is configured for that purpose. You should also keep in mind the difference between your network bandwidth and the speed of your internet connection. The maximum internet speed is provided by your ISP so even if you get a cat7 cable that is capable of offering 10-gigabit bandwidth and set the rest of the network to handle this speed, if your ISP only offers 128Mbps, that is what you will get.

What are the best Ethernet cables for gaming?

Mediabridge Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cable

If you need a cable that covers a large space, you can consider this option from Mediabridge, which is 50 ft long. It is the ideal solution for connecting multiple rooms together. While it is a Cat5e cable, which is an old standard, it would still be able to support good speeds for the majority of networks.

Cable Matters 160021 5-Feet Cat6 Snagless Ethernet Patch Cable

With this cable, you will be able to enjoy remarkable speeds of up to 10-gigabit across your network. It features a wide selection of colors that make things easier when you have multiple Ethernet connected devices. It is a cat6 cable that is available at a great price and if the cable size is not long enough for your needs, you can find longer versions.

Vandesail Cat7 High Speed Ethernet Cable

This cable offers the latest standard of Ethernet cable (Cat7) and since it is flat, it can be easily fitted around your house. Although it is a remarkable cable, the truth is that currently, the majority of networks are not set up to get the advantages that Cat7 can provide. It should also be noted that this cable is slightly more expensive than other options, which means that it may not be the most convenient option if you require a lot of wiring.

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