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If you want to find the best local deals, community activities, jobs and more, Craiglist is one of the websites that you need to check. Established in 1995, Craiglist is the favorite source for products and services for many people. This popular platform allows you to find a vast list of offers in categories like rentals, jobs, product available for sale, personals, services and much more. Although the website is very well known in the United States, there are also local version in other countries. On Craiglist, you can find anything, from furniture, to musicians for that band that you always wanted to form. There are also events listed and you can even make new friends through the personal ads. Craiglist has also face controversy over the years due to the fact that it featured ads with adult content. However, Craiglist is now monitoring its content and its fan base is still pretty strong, not only in the United States, but also in other locations around the world. Craiglist gives users the chance to post ads for free and it is used by millions of people every day. Craiglist may be a leading name when it comes to classifieds websites, but it may be difficult to check all the ads posted when you are on your mobile. If you want an app that allows you to post and find ads on Craiglist using your Android mobile device, we recommend that you try the below apps for Craiglist. They are very convenient when you need to post an ad or look for something while you are on the go.


Previously known as CLapp, this is an app that is very easy to use and very practical when it comes to finding ads in a wide variety of categories. It features an appealing design and its interface is user-friendly. The app is set to please Craiglist fans and it lets you search for anything in an easy way. You can look for items and bookmarks, plus it is available in several different locations. You can choose locations near you and check the information that you recently checked. It was created by Trixiesoft and promises to be the best choice for people who love Craiglist. One thing to consider is that it doesn’t provide access to personal ads. After all, while Craiglist aims to monitor the content posted, some of the posts in this category still contain mature content, which is against the terms of service of the Play Store.

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Here is another convenient app to access Craiglist’s content on your mobile. You will be able to browse through different categories in a fast way. Like other apps in the list, the app is free and it provides a practical way to check ads on the Craiglist platform. You can find all the features needed to access and manage posts on Craiglist. There are millions of ads on Craiglist and with this Browser created by Teen, you will be able to access them on your Android device, with ease. It is also possible to post ads from within the app, using the convenient Quick browser. There are different results available, you can share content from within CL Mobile and you will find what is available in other cities in your area. Thanks to the SMART features supported, it won’t take you too long to find the information that you want on Craiglist. There is also a Community filtering function and you can save your Favorite Ads. Just search through ads using the criteria provided, as well as the prices. There are many good features available to search for content and post in Craiglist quickly and conveniently.

CL Mobile Craiglist

This app created by MTPH Software allows you to access Craiglist easily on your mobile phone. You will be able to search for ads and also post them on Craiglist, using your Android device. It allows you to search for classifieds in many different categories including garden sales, property, furniture, second hand products, accommodation and more. It is possible to browse the categories without hassle and since the app focuses on finding options in your location, you will find the best deals near you. You can also check events in your area, easily upload your resume to apply for jobs, join artistic communities and much more. CL Mobile enables you to log into your Craiglist account erasily and it also lets you search for ads in different cities. You can save your favorite ads, share them directly from the app and more. You can post ads, reply, call and text directly from within CL Mobile. CL Mobile also lets you organize items based on their price.

cPro Marketplace: Buy. Sell. Rent. Date. Jobs

CPro is another practical app that allows you to access Craiglist from your mobile device. It is a convenient solution to manage your Craiglist account, check notifications, post ads and more. With CPro, you can easily check Craiglist ads in a more practical way than going to the website. The interface is clear, easy to get familiar with since it has a good looking design that let you focus on accessing the ads and managing the information on your Craiglist account. There are many helpful features available that will enhance your posting experience. You can browse through the website without issues and with the help of the search agent of the app, which runs in the background, you will stay up to date with all the notifications on your Craiglist account. You can save your searches, post ads on the go and much more. This app enjoy a high rating and it is highly recommended by users and well-knows media outlets.

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