Best Chainsaw Sharpeners

Sharpening a chainsaw is a given fact that one has to do regularly to maintain the quality and function of the saw. If this task is neglected, the saw will dull even if you don’t use it. One way to sharpen your chainsaw with ease is through an automatic chainsaw sharpener. However, choosing the right automatic chainsaw sharpener could be difficult if you do not have enough information and knowledge.

Fret not, as this article will feature the best and top chainsaw chain sharpeners.

1. Oregon 520-120 Saw Chain Bench Grinder/Sharpener

The Oregon 520-120 is our number one recommendation and the best professional chainsaw sharpener. It is known to be very powerful with its rotating grinding disk and with its three different grinding wheels- ¼, 1/8 and 3/16 that could accommodate different types and different sizes of blades. This sharpener also comes with a wheel dressing brink, a wheel contour and a depth gauge setting template. It aligns the blade angle automatically and has a uniform sharpening effect which allows sharpening multiple chains.

2. Buffalo Chainsaw Sharpener

Buffalo Chainsaw SharpenerThis sharpener is one of the easiest to use electronic sharpeners in the market. All you have to do is clam this sharpener to a table, just power it on and start sharpening your blades.

The Buffalo Chainsaw Sharpener runs on 60 Hz, 85 watt ECSS and 4200 RPM grinding speed. It comes with 4 ¼ inch by 1/8-inch grinding wheel and 7/8 -inch arbor. This sharpener could be used for any type of chain. Aside from that, if you are looking for something within budget, this sharpener is cheaper and more affordable.

3. Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener 7/32” Carbide Center

 Timberline Chainsaw SharpenerThis chainsaw sharpener works by attaching to any chainsaw bar then sharpens blades to angle and length. It is easy to use and to adjust. It is durable yet small and portable. This sharpener is fast and has a longer life span.

The Timberline Chainsaw sharpener comes in different sizes but the 7/32” is the most popular and most widely used.

4. Stihl 2-in-1 Easy File

Stihl 2-in-1 Easy FileStihl 2-in-1 Easy File is one of the best chainsaw chain sharpeners. Not only does it work as an actual sharpener but it also works as a depth gauge. It is easy and simple to use for both sharpening and cutting angles. The downside, however, is this sharpener could only be used on .325 chains.

5. Granberg Bar Mount Chainsaw Sharpener

Granberg Bar Mount Chainsaw SharpenerThe Granberg bar mount is a mount and is not a sharpener but it has a file that helps sharpen your chain. This bar mount is compatible to most of the chainsaws available in the market. It is durable and stable. It allows micro adjustments to its depth gauge through its knobs. This way it could match any chain angle.

6. XtremepowerUS Mini Electric Chainsaw

XtremepowerUS Mini Electric ChainsawThis chainsaw grinder sharpener is known for its powerful and efficient features. It comes with 85 Watts motor power, 4200 RPM grinding power and a table that could be adjusted up to 35 degrees. It is easy to setup and could accommodate multiple chains.

7. Timber Tuff CS-12V

Timber Tuff CS-12V chain sharpenerTimber Tuff CS-12V is a chainsaw sharpener that is battery operated. It is portable, mobile and light. It could also work on a car battery connection but it is not as powerful as its other competitors. Though this is the case, this sharpener could do its job. It could work on 20, 25 and 30 degree blades. It is fast and can get your work done quickly.

8. Oregon 30846 12V

Oregon 30846 12VThe Oregon 30846 12V is known for its convenience. It works on 12-volt battery and provides high quality sharpening skills. It comes with three sharpening stones- 3/16, 5/32 and 7/32 inch. It also comes with sharpening guides that would assist and help you with your sharpening task.

9. Husqvarna Sharp

Husqvarna SharpHusqvarna Sharp is a hand held sharpener. It is known to be one of the sharpest models. It can fine tune any blade of your chainsaw and is easy to use. When used with a vise, you will not need to exert too much effort in getting your chain sharpened. If you want a sharpener that will make your job easy, this electric model is highly recommended.

10. CO-Z Electric Chainsaw Chain Sharpener/Grinder

CO-Z Electric Chainsaw Chain SharpenerThis sharpener is new in the market but has made its name in the industry. It is made of durable aluminum and has reinforced hinges. It also has adjustable angle and is huge in size for easy use and control. The CO-z also comes with a built-in work light which is convenient for protection and accuracy. Two grinding wheels are also included in this product- 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch

Alternatively you could use a drill and file to sharpen your chainsaw as shown in the video below

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