Best Cameras/Camcorders for Filming YouTube HD Videos

Millions of people watch videos on YouTube every day and many of them also create their own content for the popular video streaming website. Having a YouTube channel allows you to share special moments with friends and family but you can go beyond that and create videos that are watched around the world. It is possible to broadcast your singing or dancing talents, share tutorials, funny videos, vlogging and much more but in order to ensure that your videos get an audience, you need to have a good video camera.

This is essential for those who want to make money out of their YouTube channel, but it is also important if you want good quality for your videos. In the following article, you will find some of the best camcorders currently available. The options will suit different budgets and requirements. If you are serious about becoming a YouTube sensation or simply want to film high quality for your videos, these are the camcorders that you should consider.

How to Choose your Video Camera

There are some aspects that you need to keep in mind when looking for a camera to film your YouTube videos. First of all, you need to think about your budget. Then you have to consider the video type, meaning when and where would you be filming the video. The sound and video quality supported by the camera are also essential. Lastly, you need to think about the additional accessories that may be required. Here is a closer details at the aspects that will help you to decide which is the right camera for you.


Knowing how much you are willing to spend on a camera will help you to narrow down the options. In the list of the best cameras for filming YouTube videos, you will find options in different price ranges starting from $100 and going up to $1000.

Video Type

The type of video that you want to film will also decide what camera you should be getting. It is important to know if you will film tutorials, if you need to speak to an audience or if you want to film outdoors. This will help you to understand what features are essential for what you want to achieve. For instance, if you need to film outdoors or in different locations, portability is crucial so you may be better off with a smaller camera. If you are filming at home and will be mainly speaking to the camera, a device with good audio capabilities and a tripod will be essential.

Sound and Video Quality

It is important to keep in mind that YouTube automatically lowers the video quality of the uploads for most users with the intention of reducing loading time. This is determined by the user’s internet connection speed. The maximum quality for a video is 1080p, which is the option preferred by the majority of viewers. Since 1080p has become the standard, it is advisable to get a camera that supports this video quality, if your budget permits it. The higher the video quality, the better your video looks and the chances of attracting viewers are increased. For advanced results, you can look for cameras with interchangeable lenses or programs that allow you to modify the look and feel of your videos.

When it comes to sound quality, in most cases you would have the possibility of using an external mic. The majority of microphones can be connected with a 3.5 mm and you can also find wireless, Bluetooth enabled options. For high quality results, it is important to use external microphones. If your videos involve field-type filming, you can opt for the portable Zoom H4N. If you get a DSLR camera, you can find great microphones that are specifically designed to be mounted on this type of cameras such as the Rode Videomic. Another alternative is a clip-on mic, which would be ideal for vlogging or any case in which you are filming indoors. A good option is the Audio-Technica ATR-3350.


Depending on the camera you choose and the kind of video you will be filming, you may need to get additional accessories such as a tripod. As previously mentioned, the audio requirements may call for different kinds of external microphones. You need to consider how important is the sound and what would be the most convenient solution for your video. If you need to attach an external lens to the camera, you would need to look for a camera that supports this option. Lens interchangeability is generally available with high-end cameras. If an external lens is required for your videos, it may be better to visit an specialized store to see for yourself what each option offers.

Top Camcorders for YouTube Videos

GoPro HERO 3+

GoPro has captured the attention of many users across the world thanks to its great performance for sports photography. It is the leading POV (point-of-view) solution and its outstanding design makes it perfect for outdoors, adventure photography. Although it comes with a high price tag, the GoPro is worth considering thanks to its great image quality, megapixel capacity and top performance. It shoots in 1080p and there is a wide variety of accessories available for this camera, including mounts to place the camera on you or on any piece of equipment so that you can film action shots. The GoPro HERO 3+ is ideal for adventurers and great POV videos. The camera features HDMI Port, MicroSD cards up to 64GB, high resolution and frame rate capacities and ultra wide-angle lens. You can connect it to your phone via Wi-Fi. It is available in Black, Silver and White.

Samsung HMX-W300

Light and practical, this camera from Samsung is also one of the cheapest options available. If you don’t require professional performance, the HMX-W300 is a good option that allows you to capture videos on the go, thanks to its convenient size. Just keep in mind that the camcorder is not designed for continuous recording as it can only capture up to 20 minutes at a single session before interrupting the recording. Additionally, it is not the best option for nighttime filming or for taking photos. While it doesn’t offer high quality results, it will suit cases in which you need to have a camera handy for short, convenient filming. It is a good option for family moments and holidays as well. The HMX-W300 includes USB, it is waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant and it films in 1080p HD video.

Panasonic HC-V520

While it is not a pocket-camera, the HC-V520 is also very easy to carry but offers stronger video camera features. If you want to get better results for your videos, this is a good choice. It supports image stabilization thanks to the O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilization) technology and allows you to capture outdoor videos without hassle. It features 3 inches LCD screen, 28mm wide-angle lens, 1/5.8″ sensor size, Intelligent 80x Zoom with a 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S. BSI MOS Sensor type and it is Wi-Fi enabled.

Canon EOS M

Canon EOS M is a great camcorder in the mid-price range and it is suitable for recording good quality videos for YouTube. It supports continuous recording and there are different lenses available for it. It works well for different types of videos including POV (although it is not as convenient in this area as the GoPro) and it is the right option for anyone who wants to take their YouTube videos to the next level. The EOS M can record in a variety of resolution sizes with the highest being 1920 x 1080 full HD. It has 18 megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor, providing good quality for any kind of video clip. The camera also features noise reduction, image stabilization, touch sensitive screen and it is compatible with SDHC/SD and SDXC memory cards. Lens interchangeability is supported.

Sony HDR-CX260V

While it is not as popular or easy to find as other cameras in the list, the HDR-CX260V is a convenient option that will enable you to record videos for YouTube with impressive quality. It is good for recording videos on the go due to its portability and lightweight design. The video quality reaches a remarkable 1920 x 1080 Full HD and the GPS function will be handy for many users. Furthermore, you can watch in slow-motion on the camera. The HDR-CX260V features 9MP still image, 30X optical, 55x zoom extended, 3 inches touch-screen LCD (touch screen) display. It also offers noise reduction technology.

Canon EOS 60D

If price is not an objection, you should go for the EOS 60D, an outstanding camera that supports all the features required to film great videos with professional quality. The interchangeable lens option is very convenient and the camera is ideal for capturing any type of video, from vlogs to action videos. It features dual-layer metering system, 5.3 fps continuous shooting, EOS HD video with exposure control and 18MP CMOS sensor.


Before purchasing a camera, think about the videos you want to film, the location and the quality that you are looking for. Accessories are another important aspect to consider as they will also have an impact on the video. Remember that it is advisable to select a camera that provides 1080p resolution, as this has become the standard for YouTube videos. If you are filming outdoors and on the go, it is also important to think about battery life. The cameras in the list would suit a variety of purposes and budgets so you just need to consider what option is the most convenient for you.

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