Best Walkie Talkie Apps for iOS and Android

Walkie Talkies were originally introduced during World War II and they were used by the military for communication purposes. These electronic devices are capable of transmitting and receiving radio signals. While older models didn’t offer much security and the radio wave signals were often intercepted by the enemy, modern devices offer reliability and allow people to communicate through a secure channel. In addition, walkie talkies are no longer used only by soldiers. These devices have become popular toys, as well as practical communication tools used in events, while camping and more.

Military walkie talkies can be expensive, but commercial walkie talkies sold as fun gadgets for kids and adults are available for very reasonable prices. In addition, there are practical apps that allow you to turn your phone into a walkie talkie. These apps support Push-To-Talk protocol and instead of placing direct calls, they rely on the mobile device’s Bluetooth, WiFi or mobile data to transfer and receive voice communications. In this list, you will find the best walkie talkie apps for Android and iOS users.


Millions of users rely on Zello, a highly popular app that allows you to turn your smartphone into a walkie talkie. In order to use the app, you need to register, but once you do, you will be able to access multiple features. Keep in mind that the registration process involves providing basic details to create a profile. You can add a profile photo, of you want. In addition, it is possible to change the theme from the app’s settings. The interface is simple and it features three main tabs: Contacts, Recent and Channels.

There is a contact list where you can see your friends who use Zello and in the Recent tab, you can see the latest calls made. In the Channels tab, you will find a list of channels that cover a variety of subjects. When you join a channel, you get to hear the voice messages shared by users. Zello works using Push-To-Talk and once the PTT protocol is configured, it is possible to start talking, the voice data is transmitted automatically. Zello can be used with a WiFi connection and also mobile data.


This cross-platform walkie talkie and voice messaging solution offers the possibility of recording and sending voice messages without any cost. The messages are transferred within seconds of recording, making the communication almost instantaneous. When you start using the app, you will need to provide details like your name, phone number and email address. This information will be used for your profile. The app’s interface is straightforward and you can use the app as a walkie talkie, by tapping on the contact option and selecting someone to talk to. Finally, you have to tap on the large orange button. Keep in mind that the other person also need to have HeyTell installed so that they can see your message. Once a message is transferred, the recipient gets a notification. HeyTell also allows you to listen to previous voice messages and you can also change your voice.

Two Way

This is a simple Walkie Talkie app that features a user-friendly interface and since it doesn’t require registration, it offers a less complicated experience than the likes of Two Way or HeyTell. There is a large round button in the main window of the app and in order to start a conversation, you need to tap on the menu icon and choose the key pad option. Once you do, a 6 digit channel number will appear. You need to write down the number and share it with your friend or the person you want to talk to. Then they need to connect their phone to this channel. The last step is to tap on the large round button and that is all. With Two Way, you can connect to friends and family, or even random users in your location.


Voxer is another good option for anyone who wants to be able to use its mobile phone as a walkie talkie. It lets you exchange voice messages with friends in real-time, and it is possible to listen to messages live or at a later stage. One of the most interesting features supported is the private chat. If you join a private chatroom, you are able to send photos, videos, links, emojis and more to your friends. Strong encryption is used to secure private chat sessions and once you leave the chatroom, the private messages are deleted. You can also mark messages are read and create and share notes, as well. Voxer also comes with a practical search function. While your location is added by default, it is possible to disable location sharing by accessing the settings interface.

Intercom for Android

Infinite Buffer brings an app that allows you to hold group calls with other users that also ise the app. The app works via Bluetooth and WiFi, and it works like an easy to use walkie talkie. It requires minimum configuration and you don’t need to register or create an account in order to start using the app. You can talk to people within a maximum range of 105 ft when using WiFi and 33ft when you are using Bluetooth. Intercom relies on Push-to-talk and it offers a simple and registration-free communication solution.


With TiKL, you will be able to communicate with friends and family just by touching a button. There is no setup required and the app works in a simple and efficient manner. TiKL uses Push-To-Talk technology and it supports one-on-one calls, as well as group voice calls. You can use the app to stay in touch with anyone in your address book or list of Facebook friends. Once a message is delivered, you see a confirmation message. The voice messages recorded using TiKL are delivered in instantly. The app works with both mobile data and WiFi connection. It should be noted that at the moment, TiKL is only available in the Google Play Store.

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