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According to figures published in 2012, 72% of the population in Spain use internet and although in general, the country enjoys freedom of press, there have been instances of political corruption that have affected independent publications. Following the economical crisis that hit the country in recent years, some news outlets are believed to be under the control of the leading party. Other agencies have faced defamation lawsuits and some journalists have even experienced violent attacks due to the content of their reports.

Additionally, online freedom came under threat with the enactment of the Sinde-Wert law in 2012. Named after the ministers that promoted it, this law establishes that any website hosted in Spain considered to be infringing copyright could be shut-down, while websites hosted abroad would be blocked. In order to decide which website is in violation, a counsel was formed. The problem is that this counsel is not independent and it controlled in great part by copyright holders, which means that they would hold the power to close any site that they deemed to act against their interests.

Although Sinde-Wert was meant to tackle online piracy, activists and the general public protested against it since in reality, the rules outlined would impose stricter control over internet, threatening online freedom. The main concern for many detractors of the law was that it was adopted, following pressure from the United States. Spain is considered by many as a haven for online piracy and leaked documents have revealed that the US government pushed their Spanish counterparts to pass this law.

In 2013, a reform known as Ley Lasalle was approved and it intends to apply stricter regulations over internet traffic. Although the law was heavily criticized, it is another evidence of the threats that online freedom and privacy face in Spain. Although internet users in Spain are not affected by the high level of censorship that is applied in other countries, it is clear that they also need to take steps to ensure that their data is secure, private and that they can access the content they want without restrictions. Here is a list of the best VPN services to use in Spain.


CyberGhost is a VPN provider with presence in Romania and Germany. Their commitment to privacy and online freedom, along with the advanced technology of their service, have earned them a place in the list of the best options to safeguard your internet connection. CyberGhost has over 20 servers in Spain and the customer service is outstanding. You can enjoy practical features that will help you to access the content you want without hassle.


This VPN service based in Panama, stands out for offering a strong no logs policy, that ensures that the privacy of your information remain intact. Their service includes features (such as double VPN) that are designed to protect your data against security threats. NordVPN has an extensive selection of servers and it is an ideal solution for users who want top level security and anonymity when they are connected to internet


This well-known provider offers top performance and advanced technology. Their network of servers covers practically every continent. In Spain, they have servers in Madrid and since they control their own infrastructure, you can expect great speeds and consistency. The high level of encryption, the affordability of their prices and their excellent customer support are other reasons to choose IPVanish as a solution to protect your online freedom and privacy.


The vast selection of features supported by PureVPN and the speed if its services, are some of the reasons to choose this provider. Their network boasts over 500 servers in 141 countries, including of course, Spain. One of the additional options available from PureVPN is HDX Dedicated Streaming, which allows you to stream content faster. PureVPN offers great customer support, top security and technology that will allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and access websites and services seamlessly.


While the prices of ExpressVPN’s plans are on the high side, this provider is known for the high quality and remarkable speed of its service, making it an investment worth considering. ExpressVPN has servers in over 80 countries and the quality of its VPN software is remarkable. ExpressVPN is ideal for streaming thanks to its fast performance and you can enjoy a high level of security.

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