Best Unblocked Music Sites to Enjoy at School

Having internet connection at school can be very convenient but it is likely that there are restrictions in place to prevent you from accessing certain websites. If you try to open a website that has been blocked by your school, you will be greeted by a disappointing message letting you know that the site is not available. This kind of restrictions can be applied when you connect to the internet connection in your high school, college or work. Usually music websites are in the list of sites that are blocked by school directors or the management team at work.

Thankfully there is a way to overcome the restrictions and listen to your favorite songs online while you are in the office or the school campus. While it is understandable that schools try to ensure that their resources are used for educational purposes and that students focus on their lessons, music can bring energy and make you feel relaxed when you are stressed about exams or final papers. In this list, you’ll find the best music websites that can be accessed from your school without any hassle.


When you want to take a break from your studies to clear up your mind, listening to your favorite music can be the best option. Slacker Radio is a good website to enjoy unblocked access to music at school and its library includes popular songs and artists in different genres including Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, Classical and Electronic. There are also stations that allow sports and comedy fans to get access to great content. The service is available for free and there is also a subscription service. Slacker has an appealing design and an extensive music catalogue that will delight you for hours.


Grooveshark is a popular music site that gives you access to a great selection of music from different genres. Unlike other services and music streaming websites, Grooveshark is not likely to be in the banned list in your school so you should be able to access it without getting any blocked messages. You can easily browse and listen to a great collection of music for free. It is also possible to create a playlist with the songs and artists that you prefer. If you create an account you will also be able to save and share your playlist with your friends. Grooveshark is easy to use, convenient and free.


Soundzabound stands out for being the only royalty free music library that meets all the criteria to be suitable for schools. It is designed to fulfill the technology and licensing requirements for educational institutions and it provides a variety of music and audio files. It is ideal for presentations, podcasts, news shows, digital storytelling and more. Since Soundzabound gives you access to a wide selection of audio files that are compliant with copyright regulations, the site is guaranteed to be available when you connect to internet at school. In fact due to the nature of the website, chances are that your school has purchased a license to access and download content without restrictions.


If you want to discover new artists or you are a musician looking to share your songs with a greater audience, PureVolume is the place to go and the best part is that it is likely that it is not banned at your school. PureVolume also features news, music and videos from famous artists and it is available for free. You can create an account to upload your own music or to keep track of your favorite bands and discover new releases. The searching options are easy to use and allow you to find what you are looking for in just a matter of seconds.


Soundcloud is one of the top online music streaming services available and many recognized artists upload their songs to the network. The site offers a wide range of features for free users and apart from having the possibility of streaming songs and creating playlists, you will also have the possibility of uploading your own creations. Soundcloud is easy to use and it also offers many social media features that allows you to share and discover what your friends are listening to.

How to Unblock Music Sites?

Now you know which websites you can try when you want to listen to music while you are at school. However, you may want to look for workarounds to access other services that are blocked in your school or in your country. For instance, Slacker, one of the options in the list, is only available in the United States and Canada so if you live elsewhere, you would need to find an solution that allows you to unlock it in your location. Here are some ways to unlock music sites that are blocked by your school or that are not available due to geo-location restrictions.

1. Use a Proxy Site

There are many free proxy sites that allow you to access music streaming websites regardless of where you are located. A simple search in Google will give you a list of options that you can use to unblock these sites. There are also great paid services that offer better speed, which is important when you are streaming media content. A proxy can disguise your IP address, which would enable you to unlock content that is not available in your location.

2. Unblock Music sites with Google Translate

As strange as it sounds, you can unlock music sounds with the help of Google Translate. The fact is that in most cases, your school or college would use keywords to block access to certain websites. For instance, if a specific word like “Music” is mentioned on a website, it is likely that the site will be blocked. If you go to Google Translate and enter the URL that you want to access and translate the site to a different language, you may be able to bypass the restriction as the word will be different and won’t be detected by the blocking filters. This simple solution may not work all the time, but it is worth a try,

3. Use a VPN

A VPN is the most effective way to unblock a music website that is blocked by your school or in your region. Apart from changing your location, it redirects online traffic through a secure tunnel, making it virtually invisible and impossible to access for third-parties. Unlike proxies, VPNs provides security and anonymity. While there are a few good free options, it is advisable to opt for a paid option. Some of the best ones start for as little as $4 per month and they offer all the features you need to enjoy music whenever and wherever you want.

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