Best travel app that you need for your next trip

There is a lot of preparation to do before a trip, but if you have the right apps with you, things can become very easy and you will have more time to enjoy your time abroad. Whether you are on your holidays or travelling for business, the apps in this list give you access to useful information that will come handy in different situations. You can find accommodation, places to eat, translate phrases to or from a different language and much more. Here are the most convenient travel apps to have on your device.


Airbnb has become an essential solution for travelers and it allows them to experience the place they are visiting, like a local. It is also great for saving money and there are many different options available. With Airbnb, you have flexibility to find accommodation that suits your style and needs. You can find rooms, houses, apartments and many other options. If you are planning a long stay, Airbnb is ideal as you can get a place with convenient facilities like washing machine and fridge.

XE Currency App is one of the most recognized solutions to check currency exchange rates and the app can be very practical when you travel abroad. Given that one of the main things that you would have to do when you travel abroad is to change money to the local currency, finding out how much money (excluding fees) you will get is important. XE provides conversion details for a variety of currencies from around the world. The Exchange rates are updated on a regular basis.


TripIt gives you access to a lot of useful information and with its convenient features, you will be able to plan your trip efficiently. You can enter your travel plans and the app will offer you important details including flight schedule, current weather in your destination and forecast, as well as recommendations. TripIt will let you know what is worth checking and where should you for food. The app is also great for keeping your travel documents organized and to keep track of every aspect of your trip. You can forward your confirmation emails to TripIt and get access to your hotel reservations, flight bookings and everything else in the same place.


GateGuru is a convenient option that will help you to get a good experience during your time at the airport. The app provides information about departure gates, security wait times, flight changes, announced delays and more. It saves you time and hassle as you won’t need to run around the airport looking for these updates. GateGuru’s database gives you access to information about airports around the world. It lets you get details about luggage claim areas and places to eat or shop. It is also a valuable source for practical tips and recommendations for travelers.


The first part of a trip is planning your flights and with this free app, you will be able to find the best prices and most convenient schedules. You can choose a specific destination or let Skyscanner find the lowest prices to plan your trip. The app compares hundreds of airlines and shows you the most affordable flights available. If you are not considering a place in particular and just want to find the cheapest options, you can use the Everywhere function. Skyscanner redirects you to the airline and you can buy your ticket directly from them.

Hotel Tonight

Even if you planned your trip carefully, there may be cases when things don’t go as expected and finding out that there was a booking error, or that you can’t (or don’t want) to stay in the hotel you reserved can be a headache. Don’t worry, with Hotel Tonight, you can find great deals and the app specializes in last-minute reservations. If you need to get a room fast, this is the most practical solution and it allows you to easily select the kind of hotel you want to stay in.

Trip by SkyScanner

Created by Gogobot, this is a great app to get suggestions for the best restaurants, hotels and events in your destination. If you are in a new city and don’t know where to go, this app will give you many ideas in a wide variety of categories. You can see photos of the places and events recommended, and read review. It is not only great for traveling, but will also allow you to find out about places in your own city that you haven’t seen yet.

Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most commonly used options when it comes to translations thanks to its ease of use and good set of features that lets you translate content and even learn how to pronounce words and sentences. It supports over 90 languages including Finnish, Czech, Catalan, French, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, English and German. The app is updated on a regular basis to include additional options. One of the best features is its camera translation that lets you capture a word or sentence in another language.


If you are planning a trip, checking TripAdvisor is a must. This is a popular and reliable source of travel tips that allows you to find places to go to and even know what places you need to avoid. The TripAdvisor app offers is a good solution to get access to all the useful information that you can get on the web version. With TripAdvisor, you can find hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and even share your reviews with other users. The app is available for free.


Uber is a very popular transportation solution around the world and it is used by many travelers who need a convenient and affordable way to get around. Whether you are at home, or travelling abroad, Uber is a practical solution to have on your device. The app is designed to make things easy and it also lets you save money since it is less expensive than a taxi. You can also select the type of car you want and see information about your driver. Uber is suitable for different scenarios and it offers options that adapt to the needs of travelers.

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