Best Touchscreen Gloves for iPad or iPhone

Winter can be ruthless and when you have to deal with cold temperatures, a good coat, a warm hat and of course, cozy gloves are a must-have. However, wearing gloves can be very inconvenient when you are trying to use your iPhone or iPad. Luckily, there are options that will allow you to tap, slide and enjoy the touch-screen functionality of your device. Touchscreen gloves are a practical solution designed to help you to keep your hands warm while using your iPhone or iPad without any hassle. You can find a large selection of styles and to make your decision easier, we will share some of the best touchscreen gloves that you can get. They would be a fantastic Christmas gift for any iOS device owner.

Etre Fivepoint Gloves
Elegant and convenient, Fivepoint are the perfect solution for people who want precision and warmth. These gloves ensure that you get great responsiveness at all times and since they are made from virgin wool/cashmere. you can expect them to be warmth and soft. Furthermore, the material won’t scratch the screen of your device and since all finger and thumb tips are conductive (they call it “contactwoven” technology), you can be sure that your touch is always detected. Made in Scotland, these gloves are available in beautiful designs and you can find them from £22.50, which is roughly $34.

Etre Touchy Gloves
Touchy Gloves are another fantastic option from Etre and they provide a perfect combination of comfort and accurate performance. They are made of stretchy 100% lambswool, which fits most hand sizes and they are soft and very practical. The thumb and the index fingers are not covered, which allows you to get a better grip of your device while the rest of your fingers are kept warm. You can fully enjoy the touchscreen usability of your iPad and iPhone thanks to this simple pair of gloves. You can get them from £20, which would be around $30.
As the name suggests, these gloves are both nice looking and comfortable. Their Invisitouch solid-colored fabric enables you to use your phone easily and the premium wool blend keeps your hands warm. If you are waiting for the bus on a cold morning, these practical gloves will let you check your phone even in freezing temperatures. The care label is made of microfiber material and can be used to clean your device or your glasses. Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about losing a glove because there are magnets hidden beneath the logo that will keep the gloves together. You can get them for just $20.
If you are looking for solid winter gloves that allow you to manage tasks on the touch screen of your iPhone or iPad without complications, iTap 101 are a great option to consider. They are made of Merino lambswool and are ideal for rainy and snowy weather. The gloves are comfortable and the fingers are touch-screen compatible and cozy. You wouldn’t expect such a level of precision and functionality from a pair of thick gloves but iTap 101 gloves are a great option to type texts and emails, browse internet and much more without exposing your hands to cold temperatures. They are available from $20.

North Face Etip Gloves
North Face is a legendary brand so the fact that they have created impressive touch screen gloves doesn’t come as a surprise. While they are considerably more expensive than other options in the list, they are definitely worth considering. They are comfortable, cozy and the Etip functionality makes sure that you can use touch screen devices without having to remove the gloves. The 5 dimensional fit allows you to adjust the size. They are highly comfortable and provide enhanced grip. Prices starts at $35.
This innovative solution allows you to transform your favourite pair of traditional gloves into touchscreen compatible gloves. GloveTips are conductive strips that can be attached to any of your gloves, allowing you to use your iOS device at any time. They are easy to use and versatile as you can modify your gloves to wear them while you take, make phone calls, text or play games on your touchscreen device. The kit includes everything that you need to install GloveTips. They are also affordable. You can get them for just $14.99.

Isotoner SmarTouch
If you would prefer gloves that are not made from wool, you can opt for Isotoner’s SmarTouch gloves, which are made from a combination of Nylon and Fleece. The gloves feature conductive thread on thumb, middle and index fingers, making them suitable for touch and multi-touch. The SmarTouch technology ensures that you can text and and handle tasks on your device effortlessly. Furthermore, the non-slip texture provides a great grip. You can find them for as little as $15.

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