Best Sex Pillows

Sometimes partners want to be adventurous and experimental when having sex. One way they spice things up is by experimenting different sex positions. Since, staying in one position could be tiring and boring, they try new moves and positions. However, this could be difficult if you are not that flexible. Though it could be uncomfortable, it is possible to make it enjoyable through the help of sex furniture.

One sex furniture that could assist you and your partner are sex pillows. Not only they help you pull off exotic moves they also help you to always hit g-spot the g-spot. If you and your partner would want to level up your sex life and experience, here are some amazing sex pillows that you could choose from.

Best sex pillows

1. Purple Angle Prop Pillow

Designed by Deluxe Comfort, the purple angle prop pillow is one of the most unique sex pillows. It has a shape that is perfect for missionary position. It helps you and your partner experience deeper penetration by allowing for your hips to be lifted and for your partner to feel comfortable on his knees.

The pillow is soft which provides you and your partner comfort even if you use it for long period of time. With its soft materials, this pillow ensures stronger orgasm and muscle comfort while performing intense sex.

2. Wedge/Ramp Combo Pillow

The wedge sex pillow is one of the most popular and most purchased. It enhances sexual intercourse experience through helping you hit the g-spot. It is created with slanted shape which provides you and partner different or multiple position options.

This pillow comes in two piece which could be separated and could be used for both of you or you could use as a wedge. The foam that this pillow is made of high quality and brings comfort.

3. Naughty Bedroom Pillow

Similar to the wedge combo pillow, the Naughty Bedroom Pillow is created in a slant shape. However instead of two piece, this pillow comes in one piece. It also comes in red color which makes this pillow look appealing. Through this pillow, you and your partner could level up your sex life through performing crazy sex moves with ease, not feeling worn out and feel comfortable. Suggested use of this pillow are for the legs, under the pack and on the stomach.

4. Humphrey Pillow

Though this pillow looks like a normal, regular pillow, the Humphrey pillow is one of the best sex pillows. Not only this pillow provides comfort for both you and your partner but it also spices your sex experience through its dildo, vibrator or fleshlight features. This pillow will surely provide you and your partner more experimental options through different positions.

5. Jaz Positioning Pillow

Jaz Positioning Pillow is a wedge sex pillow that has a round backside. This pillow allows its users to experiment limitless sex positions, stronger penetration and satisfaction.

This pillow is made of micro suede to ensure it does not bother your skin and does not absorb sweat due to its moisture proof feature. If you have sensitive skin, this pillow would be the best for you.

6. Arche Wedge Sex Positioning Sensual

The Arche Wedge Sex Positioning Sensual is one of the most unique shaped sex pillows and is made of high quality foam that provides its users comfort and relaxation. It also provides feeling of heat during penetration. This pillow is for intense missionary position.

7. Heart Wedge Pillow

If you are looking for an appealing sex pillow, this one is for you. This pillow comes in heart shape and could be used as another wedge pillow perfect for any sex position. It is made of soft foam and soft velvet materials that are smooth on the skin.

8. Couples Inflatable Swing Position Pillow

This pillow is unique in the sense that this type of pillow is inflatable and wedge shaped. It makes penetration deeper and fiercer. It also enhances sexual experience through longer orgasms and makes hitting the G-spot more possible.

This pillow allows its users perform different sex positions that could heighten your sex drive. It also comes with handles for you to grip and have control. Moreover, it is also smooth on the skin. This pillow assists your partner to lift you with ease.

9. Cylindrical Inflatable Sex Pillow

Want to make those fantasy moves into reality? The Cylindrical Inflatable Sex Pillow is the ideal sex pillow for you. It allows you to wrap your legs around it and it also has a gap that allows you to insert a dildo or any sex toy you wish to use.

This pillow is also durable which could handle any crazy moves. It is easy to store since this pillow could be deflated. This pillow is recommended for doggy style and anal sex.

10. Selani Sex Bouncing Love Chair with Pillow Cushion for Couples Indoor

If you are looking for an oral sex chair, this one is for you. While your partner sits you could place your head on the pillow and give him or her oral sex. The pillow is soft and is gentle on the neck and will comfortably hold your head.

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