Best Receipt Tracking Apps for iPhone

Managing your budget can be challenging but thankfully, there is a way to make things easier. Apps seems to offer a solution for everything and there is no shortage of options to turn your iPhone or iPad into the best tool to keep track of your expenses. You can save your receipts and monitor your expenses effectively with the help of your device’s camera and some practical receipt tracking apps.

You won’t need to fill your wallet with several paper receipts and then spend hours checking them and making calculations manually. Receipt tracking apps are very convenient and make the task fast and simple. They will allow you to keep control of your expenses easily, allowing you stick to your budget. Here is a list of some of the options available:-


iQBoxy by Andrzej Bakonski is an impressive app that translates your bills and receipts into digital format to make your financial information easy to monitor and accessible whenever needed. Its Instant Live Optical Character Recognition with Receipt detection technology allows you to convert photo to text, meaning that you won’t need to enter data manually to calculate your expenses. You can take a picture of your receipts, upload or email digital versions that you already have. If you have receipts stored in Cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote or Box, you can easily forward them to iQBoxy processing. You can even send your paper receipts by post to iQBoxy and they will process them for you. The app is available for free.

123 Easy Receipt Expense Tracker

You won’t need to accumulate paper receipts and bills thanks to 123 Easy Receipt Expense Tracker by Double Down. It offers a convenient solution to organize receipts and monitor your finances. Simply take a photo of your receipt and the app will save it securely in the cloud. You can also scan them and then organize them by custom categories to make things even easier. 123 Easy Receipt Expense Tracker lets you get access to detailed reports and since the app logs information like date, retailer name and total you will be able to keep track of every aspect of your expenses. You can download the app for free.

Foreceipt Receipt Manager

Foreceipt By Relayin Corporation has become indispensable for many users as it offers an easy and secure budget planning solution. It has a clear and simple interface that enables you to keep track of your daily earnings and expenses. You can track your receipts by taking a picture, entering the amount and saving them. The information is stored securely on Google Drive so you can access it whenever needed from any device. The app works offline and the receipts will be auto-synced once you connect to internet again. You can organize budgets in different categories and get reminders to make sure that you never miss a utility bill or go over your budget. You can download it for free.

Receipts Plus

Checking all your receipts and bills is a time-consuming task and when you have hectic schedule, it is almost impossible to find a moment to go through your expenses. That is why AC InfoTech Inc has created an app that is designed to help you to keep track of your expenses in a simple and effective way. You can store receipts, bills and other records to make sure that your expenses can be monitored without any hassle. Once you save your receipts and expense details, the app will calculate them for you and you can set up different budget categories and protect the information using a password. It is available for free.


Pikki by Haave Oy is a powerful receipt scanner app that allows you to manage your receipts with versatility. Capture your receipts to turn them into a digital format, then upload them to the cloud for easy access. You can also email receipts or share them through the cloud if needed. Geotagging is supported so you can search receipts based on the location where the photo was taken. Receipts can be printed through Wi-Fi using an AirPrint enabled printer. Password protection can be applied to keep your receipts private. Pikki is a great way to stay on top of your expenses and you can download it for $3.99.


Ebates brings a simple app that allows you to store all your paper and email receipts in one place. You can capture paper receipts using your device’s camera and they will be stored automatically in the cloud, where you can access them whenever needed. The app can be configured to retrieve email receipts from your Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo inbox. Alternatively, you can forward the email receipts to your personal @OneReceipt inbox. Thanks to the categories and tags available, you can organize your information conveniently. One receipt is efficient, practical and completely free.

Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the task of tracking your receipts and don’t even know where to start, the best thing is to choose an app that takes care of everything for you. Shoeboxed aims to be that app as it lets you capture all the information you need from your receipts and you can also create expense reports using the original receipt images. Apart from offering a great design, the interface makes things really simple and you can even track mileages to get reimbursements. It is also available for free.


This is the ideal tool for business travellers who need to track receipts to manage their expenses effectively. Expensify uses SmartScan technology to go through the information in your receipts and you can set up categories, tag and organize your expenses to simplify the tracking. You can sync your card and bank data with Expensify to import transactions to your account. If you lose a receipt, you can import your bank and credit card information to generate an IRS guaranteed eReceipt for transactions under $75. Expensify is available for free.


This app is fully integrated with Evernote and it allows you to scan your receipts, organize them and sync them to the cloud without any hassle. You won’t even need to type as all you need to do is to highlight the amount with your finger and the app will save the values onto your note. You can create reports within minutes and since the information can be categorized, tagged and organized in groups, you’ll be able to access the details you need quite easily. Receiptmate by Brilliant(ish) Software is a fast and handy solution for your receipt tracking needs.


Receipts by Tidal Pool Software is another free and convenient option to keep track of your expenses. It offers a sleek interface and the auto-fill feature gives you the option to set up budgets, categories and more with great speed. You can manage your data with flexibility since there are different types of receipt fields available. The app also lets you get a detailed overview of your income and spending through clear graphs. It is possible to create reports in CSV, PDF, HTML or Excel. Cloud syncing is also supported.


What sets ReceiptGen by AppStorm apart from other options is the fact that it gives you the possibility of generating receipts. If you lost a receipt or a bill but know the information related to them, you can enter the details and create exact duplicates of the missing documents. It only takes a few minutes and a little typing to create a copy of the receipts you can’t find. The app would be also a practical option if you need to present a summary of expenses to your company but don’t have receipts for some items. The receipts can be customized so you can select your preferred layout, background, colour and more. Once you have created a receipt you can easily print it. Like other apps in the list, it is possible to get a free version of ReceiptGen.

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