Best MMORPGs Games for iPhone

The iPhone offers great functionality and it is a fantastic tool for productivity, but not everything has to be work or study. You can also enjoy a great range of games in your spare time, including MMORPGS and RPGs. Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games offer entertainment and the chance to discover new worlds. They are full of action, adventure and intriguing characters. Here, we will go through the best MMORPGs available for iPhone.

Kingdom Conquest Crimson Warden

This game enjoys a very high rating in the App Store and it delivers a great adventure in a fantasy world. You assume the role of The Crimson Warden, one of the King’s elite warriors whose mission is to keep people in the cursed realms secure until the army comes to help. There are hundreds an enemies to defeat and you need to work to improve your skills and abilities to become a more powerful warrior.

Order & Chaos Online

This game by Gameloft is recognized as one of the best MMORPG options available and it is loved by iPhone users. Order & Chaos online resembles one of the most popular titles in the gaming industry: World of Warcraft. In Order & Chaos Online, you can explore amazing worlds, show off your fighting skills in battles and join other players to work together in epic quests. It is possible to be an elf, an orc, a human, a mendel or an undead.

3D MMO Celtic Heroes Game

Created by One Thumb Mobile, this entertaining game allows you to enjoy a fantastic combination of magic, combat and adventure. It is possible to challenge players from all over the world and participate in unique quests to show your heroic skills in though battles. In 3D MMO Celtic Heroes, you will face fearless enemies, but you can also chat with other players, create clans and make new friends. If you love World of Warcraft, you need to check this game out too.

Pocket Legends

Many consider Pocket Legends as the on the go version of World of Warcraft. This game offers a fantastic gaming experience that MMORPG fans shouldn’t miss. In Pocket Legends, you will find beautiful and mysterious landscapes, as well as dragons and amazing characters, whose abilities can be customized. Pocket Legends is highly popular and it gives you the possibility to play in PVP action or fast-paced Co-Op. In terms of characters, you can choose to be a mighty warrior, an Elf Enchantress with epic powers or a skillful Archer.

Dark Legends

Dark Legends is the perfect game for Vampire fans. It gives you the chance to be a vampire with powerful skills and a vast selection of weapons to choose from so that you can fight against demons, warlocks and werewolves. In this game created by Spacetime Studios, which is also behind the successful Pocket Legends, you will have to defend the Vampire Nation to prevent extinction and obtain victory over those who threaten you.

Arcane Legends

This is a quality game that offers action-packed adventures and it is also part of the popular Pocket Legends series by Spacetime Games. You can customize your character and enjoy a unique experience. The amazing visuals and entertaining gameplay, makes this one of the best options for iOS users. Join quests to improve your skills and explore mysterious forests, desolated dungeons and more.


Ingress stands out thanks to the unique gaming experience that it offers. Ingress transforms the real world into the scenario where you play. It is an innovative augmented reality MMORPG game with strong elements of mystery and competition. The world is a battlefield where the future of humanity has to be decided. The premise of the game is very interesting: a powerful and mysterious energy that could influence our thoughts has been discovered. There is a side that wants to embrace the power of this energy, while the other aims to protect humanity and avoid control. You will need to pick a side in this intriguing game bu Niantic.

The Infinite Black: Tactical Space MMO

Spellbook Studio brings us a captivating game that lets you explore an ever expanding universe. The The Infinite Black: Tactical Space MMO has become very popular thanks to the intergalactic battles and exploration missions that it offers. There are thousands of weapons, engines and more that players can choose from. It is possible to fight aliens, spy, get bounties, find new places and interact with other players. The game is completely free to play and there are no ads.

Armed Heroes

In Armed Heroes, you can become a hero that fights against darkness and evil, before they take over. The game allows you to enjoy amazing real-time 3D actions that will determine what happens in the game. Your task is to defeat demons and monsters and with every level, you have the chance to evolve. There are clan vs clan combats in which you can take part. It is also possible to choose from four classes of character, each of which have unique skills.


ASOBIMO brings us one of the best 3D MMORPG games available. IRUNA Online is very popular in Japan and its gaining fans around the world. The 3D world in RPG IRUNA Online is amazing and you can enjoy co-op play and real-time communication with other players. The game is known for its stunning graphics, intense battles and the incredible world that is waiting to be explored. It is possible to collaborate with other players to defeat ruthless monsters.

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