Best Lightning Cables for iPad and iPhone

The lightning connector was launched in 2012 as a more compact solution than the 30-pin dock connector that preceded it. The lightning technology uses just 8 pins and it is compatible with iPhone 5 and above, iPad 4th generation onwards and iPad Mini. One of the main advantages of the lightning technology is that it can be used with either side facing up, making it a very convenient option. When it comes to lightning cables, Apple’s own products may be the preferred choice for many users. However, there are other manufacturers that offer great alternatives. Here is a list of some of the best MFi-certified lightning cables available for your iOS device.

Apple Lightning to USB Cable
The obvious first choice is the official cable produced by Apple. There are different lengths available with prices that start from $19. Opting for Apple’s lightning cable can be the safest bet and it also one of the most practical options. This lightning cable is easy to carry around and comes supported by Apple’s quality, giving you peace of mind. Furthermore, if your device is still covered by the warranty, your lightning cable should be included. The 0.5 m and the 1 m cables are available for $19, while the 2m-long lightning cable, which is the ideal option is you need more freedom to move around, costs $29.
Cirago Lightning/Sync Charge Cable
Cirago brings an appealing alternative that combines good quality, safety and reasonable price. Their IPL1200 model works effectively and allows you to charge and sync your iPhone 5 or above, iPad Air, Air 2, iPad 4th gen, mini, mini 2 and iPod Touch 5th generation. Cirago products have been certified and meet Apple’s standards and there are multiple lengths available. The 3 Ft (around 1m) cable costs $19.99, the 6 Ft (about 2 meters) is priced at $24.99, while the 10 Ft option (approximately 3 meters) can be yours for $29.99. All the lengths are available in Black and White.
Griffin USB to Lightning Cable
Griffin also offers charge/sync cables that can be used with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Their cables are certified so you can trust them without reserve. There are different versions available so you are bound to find one that will suit what you are looking for. If you need a highly portable charging solution while you are on the go, the 0.6 m cable ($16.99) can be the best choice. To get greater mobility while you are charging the device at home, or at your office, you can opt for the 3-meters lightning cable, which is available for $29.99. There is also a 0.9 m coiled lightning cable that can be easily used in your car and you can buy it for $16.99.
Belkin MIXIT Lightning to USB ChargeSync Cable
Another reliable option is the MIXIT by Belkin, a company known for creating high quality accessories that are compatible with Apple devices. This is an MFi-certified lightning cable that offers a wide variety of options to suit your needs. The lengths between 6-inches to 3-meters and there are different colours available. If the 6-inches model is enough for what you need, you can get it in Red, Blue, Black, Green and Pink. It costs $17.99. The 2-meters cable is available for $29.99 and you can get it in Black or White. If you need more length, you can choose the 3-meters cable, which costs $34.99.

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