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Communication is key for every kind of human interaction and if you don’t speak the same language as the other person, things can get complicated very quickly. Whether you are trying to close a business deal, or simply want to order a meal in a restaurant, being able to understand what is being said and also express yourself when you travel abroad is very important. Plus, being able to speak the language will give you extra points with the locals. Learning a new language takes some time and it can be difficult without the right tools and help. However, there are practical solutions that will save you time and that will allow you to communicate effectively, while also helping you to learn. Here you will find a list of the best translation apps available.

Google Translate

Google Translate is probably the most popular option available when it comes to translations. It supports a good range of features that will allow you to translate content and it even lets you know how to pronounce words and sentences. Over 90 languages are supported including Spanish, Chinese, English, Finnish, Czech, French, Hindi and German. The app is regularly updated to include more options. One of the best things about Google Translate is that it comes with a camera translation feature that allows you to capture a word or sentence in another language. The app will translate for you, which is very convenient when you are abroad and need to know what a sign says, or what is in the menu. In addition, you can download different languages to have them available for translation, even when you are offline.

Speak & Translate

Although the Premium version costs $19.99, making it the most expensive option in the list, if you have an iOS device and want an advanced translation solution, Speak & Translate is an option that should be considered. It features sophisticated voice recognition technology that will allow you to understand words and translate everything, regardless of the language you are speaking or your accent. There are over 100 languages supported including Italian, Arabic and Chinese. It is possible to switch translation from your iPhone to your iPad or the other way around. You will always be able to stay up to date with your translations. It is also possible to share translations with your friends through your social media networks. If you are looking for a high quality solution and don’t mind spending more for it, Speak & Translate by Apalon Apps is the way to go.

iTranslate Voice

With iTranslate Voice, you will be able to understand, and even learn a few sentences and words that will help you when you are in a foreign country. The app is the ideal companion for travelers and it is so convenient, that you will feel like you have your own personal translator in your phone. You just have to say the words or the sentence that you want to translate and the app will do it for you, in real-time. The app is a very practical solution to communicate with the locals, even if you don’t speak a common language. If the other person also has iTranslate Voice installed on their device, you can link the apps and have a conversation using your devices. It is also a great option for those who are learning a new language. Overall, iTranslate Voice is a very practical solution so although it costs $6.99, it is more affordable than Speak & Translate and it is an investment worth making if you travel abroad a lot.

Voice Translator

This is a convenient app that will also help you to get translations without having to type the word or phrase. You can use your voice and save time when you need a quick, efficient and simple way to translate something. The app can read back the translated words and sentences so you won’t need to read. It is possible to get translations in a wide selection of languages at the same time, if needed. Currently, Voice Translator supports more than 20 languages including Hebrew, Japanese, Italian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese (simple/traditional), Malay, Spanish, Czech, Korean, English, Dutch, Polish, Afrikaans, Russian and even Latin. It is a compact and easy solution that helps you to get translations on the go. Voice Translator is available for free and was created by AxixmobInc.

SayHi Translate

This award-winning translation app is a convenient, comprehensive and effective solution for people who need to translate content on the go. Over 100 languages are supported by SayHi Translate and voice to voice translation is available. With SayHi Translate, you can hear yourself speaking a new language whenever you use the app, which makes it an interesting option to go for. The app allows you to translate from and to a variety of languages including Norwegian, Greek, Portuguese, Slovak, Thai, Hungarian, Vietnamese, English, Spanish, Swedish, Catalan, Czech and more. The app is available for free and it also offers dialect support for some languages. The interface is sleek, easy to use and it will allow you to get translations easily and within minutes.

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