Best Knife Sets 2016

Knife Sets give you the possibility of getting a selection of practical tools, without having to spend time and money buying each of them individually. There are some important aspects to consider when getting a knife set. In order to ensure that you get the best value for your money, you should opt for a set that includes different types of knives, as well as a sharpener. It is also necessary to look for a set that comes with a block or a case for storage. Of course, it is crucial to look for knives that feature solid, sharp blades and bolsters that provide the right weight and balance. An appealing design, comfortable and easy to hold grips are also essential. The knives should also be easy to sharpen and to clean. Here are some of the best knife sets that you can get. They offer good quality and in many cases, convenient prices.

Cuisinart Advantage C55-01-12PCKS
C55-01-12PCKSFor those who are focused on getting a practical a conveniently priced solution, the Cuisinart Advantage C55-01-12PCKS, is the way to go. The set comes with a good selection of sharp, colourful knives, each one of them designed for a particular purpose. There is a protective packaging and blade guards that keep your fingers safe while you get the knives out. To maintain the colour of the knives, you would need to wash them by hand, but thanks to the non-stick coating, it is easy to keep them clean. The weight and balance are other aspect to highlight and since the handles are ergonomic, you can expect comfort and ease of use from these knives. This set is available for less than $20.
Chicago Cutlery 1067823
Chicago Cutlery 1067823Chicago Cutlery is trusted manufacturer that offers top quality, cool design and efficiency. Their 1067823 knife set is one of the most complete options you can get for your kitchen. The knives have an elegant design with high carbon stainless steel blades and beautiful handles that are also made of stainless steel. The set comes with steak knives that can cut through tough meat without hassle and every knife in the collection is designed to meet high standards of performance. There is also a convenient sharpener in the wood block, which will help you to keep the blades ready to handle any task. In order to keep the knives’ beautiful look and protect them from rust, it is important to wash them carefully by hand and to polish them on a regular basis. You can get this set for around $125.
Chicago Cutlery 1090390
Chicago Cutlery 1090390This is a beautiful and sturdy set that provides all the traditional knives that you need in your kitchen, as well as an exclusive creation from Chicago Cutlery: the Partoku. This innovative piece combines the santoku and pairing knives and it is designed to handle complex chopping tasks. The handles of all the knives in this collection fit small hands perfectly, but they may feel a bit too short for people with large hands. Still, each piece offers good weight and balance, ensuring that you can work with them without issues. The knives are stainless and durable and they also come supported by a lifetime warranty. This set has an elegant design that adds elegance to your kitchen. Just keep in mind that the knives need to be washed by hand and using a special cleanser. You can get it from a bit over $205.
Chicago Cutlery 1073704
Chicago Cutlery 1073704Chicago Cutlery has an affordable set that allows you to enjoy the premium quality of their knives without having to pay a hefty price. For just over $40, you can get a collection of 15 pieces including shears and a practical multi-tiered block. The knives feature sharp, high carbon stainless steel blades that need periodical sharpening but if you care for them, these tools will maintain a solid performance. While they are not the strongest knives available, they can still slice through dense food and are covered with a full lifetime guarantee. They are stain, rust and corrosion resistant. The ergonomically designed handles ensure that you can use the knives comfortably. This is a great value set that offers quality and durability.
Shun DM2002B
Shun DM2002BYou can expect high-quality and strong stainless steel build from the knives created by Japanese manufacturer, Shun. The blades remain sharp and only require honing from time to time. The layers of stainless steel in the blade and the detailed pattern show how strong these knives can be, in fact they are forged using the same process applied in the making of traditional samurai swords. The handles are designed to suit users with smaller hands and the bolsters allow you to get great control for a seamless cutting experience. The impressive steel ensures that the blades maintain their edges for many years and the set comes supported with a limited lifetime warranty. The shears can be taken apart for easier cleaning and sharpening. While the set is one of the most complete options available, the main downside is the high price. You would need to invest almost $430 to get this set.
Global ikasu 7 Piece Professional Knife Set
Global 7 Piece Professional Knife SetAspiring chefs should consider this impressive set, which features professional knives that will help you to accomplish even the most difficult kitchen tasks. The 7-piece set includes a convenient 11-pocket storage case that will help you to carry the knives easily and securely. Since this is a set designed for professionals and chefs in training, the quality is very high, but so is the price. You would need to invest almost $400 for these knives but in exchange you will get an impressive collection. They are worth the price and as long as you look after them with proper cleaning and sharpening, they will last many years. They come backed with a lifetime warranty.
J.A Henckels 15707-000
J.A Henckels 15707-000If you are looking for appealing design and a high level of comfort, you should consider this set from J.A Henckels. It comes with essential kitchen knives such as pairing, chefs and santoku. There is also a boning knife and a practical 9-inch sharpening steel. The countoured handles are cushioned and feature a brushed stainless backing that adds elegance and strength. To look after the knives, you will need to wash and dry them by hand. They will also need to be sharpened on a regular basis to make sure that they maintain their performance. The set comes with a sleek black block that has some spare slots for additional knives. The J.A Henckels 15707-000 knife set comes with lifetime warranty and you can get it from under a $100.
Wusthof 9312
Wusthof 9312Featuring a high standard of precision and quality, the high carbon stainless steel gourmet knives from German manufacturer Wusthof, are another great option for your kitchen. The set includes all the tools that are essential for home chefs. The knives provide a a balanced feel and while they are lighter than other options, they can handle tough cutting jobs without issues. The polypropylene handles offer comfort and don’t have narrow openings that may harbour bacteria. Just as with other high quality knives, you would need to wash these very carefully and by hand. The blades keep their edge and will maintain their performance with regular sharpening. Wusthof 9312 knife set is available from $230.
Ginsu 04817
gnsuWe have seen luxury options in this list, but you don’t need to break the bank in order to get a good knife set. From as little as $40, you can get a reliable collection of knives to handle everyday kitchen tasks. The Ginsu 04817 includes 6 steak knives, 6 kitchen knives, as well as shears. This complete set is neatly organized in a hardwood knife block. You get popular options like the santoku, the chef and the utility knife. The set also comes a boning knife, which is ideal for poultry and a pairing knife, which works really well for tasks that require a lot pf precision. The shears serve multiple purposes and can be used as a nut cracker, jar or bottle opener. The blades are impressively sharp and retain their edge for ages. The Ginsu 04817 is a budget knife set that doesn’t compromise quality.
Ginsu 7112
charaFor many people, the first thing that comes to mind when they hear about Ginsu is their amusing infomercials. However, there is also a good quality in these Japanese stainless steel knives. The blades are sharp and maintain their edges through the years. Plus the set includes useful tool such as a chef’s knife and a santoku knife that is a must-have for mincing and chopping without hassle. Ginsu knives offer strong build and have the perfect weight to handle them. The resin handles can resist water and heat and are very comfortable. The only downside is that the resin handles may lose their luster after a few washings but this is not a big issue and can be resolved using oil to get the shiny finish back. Ginsu 7112 knife set comes with lifetime warranty and a price of less than $94.

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