Best Journal Apps for iOS

For centuries, people have kept diaries and journals to track their experiences, important events, ideas and thoughts. While paper journals are still being used, people have moved to computers and now to mobile devices to record everything that goes on in their lives. Journal apps offer a convenient way to keep track of your experiences. Since your iPad and iPhone go with you everywhere, you can make new entries or access previous ones easily, without having to carry a notebook as well. Additionally, these apps offer a wider variety of options and useful features to make your journal truly special. Here are some of the best journal apps for iOS to keep track of your life and record your experiences at any time.

My Wonderful Days

Every day can bring something different and with My Wonderful Days you can capture every moment or feeling to save it for posterity. You can look back at your days and relive your memories using simple swiping gestures. My Wonderful Days is set to make your writing easy and its analog features, easy search, extended compatibility and iCloud support will ensure that your experience with the app is consistently pleasant. Your thoughts and ideas can be protected with a passcode and you can add photos and stickers to your notes. Special days can be highlighted with a star and sorted by mood and personalized statistics. Your entries are automatically synced to iCloud to make sure they are available whenever needed. My Wonderful Days by Haha interactive is available for $2.99 and it’s a fantastic app to make your journal unique.

Day One

Enjoying an easy and seamless writing experience is essential when it comes to keeping a journal. This is why Day One is a great app as it offers one of the clearest interfaces out there, ensuring that you can make entries without any hassle. You can add photographs and protect your journal with a password to keep your privacy intact. Voice dictation is supported and every entry automatically tracks details such as weather, time, date and even the music that was playing. This app by Bloom Built truly enables you to capture what happens in your life in a simple and elegant way. The entries can be synced across your iOS devices with Dropbox or iCloud. You can download Day One for $4.99.

Simple Journal

Insomniac Industries has designed an app that works as a notebook, as well as a journal/diary. It lets you take notes, make short lists or write down your life events and thoughts. Each entry can be customized thanks to a variety of text styles and backgrounds. There are also different templates and themes to choose from. Entries can be edited, organized and deleted with a few steps. The interface ensures that you can access your entries easily and the password protection feature keeps the security of the information you enter. iJournal is a smart and hassle-free solution to track your life. It is available for free.


Momento by d3i is another great way of keeping a journal or diary on the go. It allows you to keep track of your daily routine, your ideas, photos and feelings. The app can also gather activity from your social networks to create a comprehensive view of your life. Momento stands out from other apps thanks to this ability to create a full picture of your life, combining your personal entries, with everything that happens on your online profiles. You can easily keep track of information that you have shared online and remember what was happening on a specific day and time. Momento is perfect for those who want to keep a journal in the easiest possible way and even if you don’t want to make your own entries, you can look back at your days by searching the activity in your social media profiles. The app also supports password protection and data sync and you can download it for $1.99.

My Daily Journal

JI Software brings a powerful app that works as a great solution for creating entries for journal/diaries, taking notes and even writing articles. It features customized PDF Export and rich text with options like Bold, Italic and Underline. You can add multiple photos per entry and backup/restore via Dropbox is supported. The app costs $1.99 and through in-app purchases you can manage multiple journals or select the option to have as many journals as you want for $4.99. Individual journals can be protected using passwords and you don’t need to sign up for an account. You can also share your notes or entries via Facebook, Twitter and more.

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