Best iPad Apps for Sales

Since it was originally launched in 2010, the iPad has evolved and it has become much more than a portable solution to access your email, play games, browsing internet or watching videos. For many businesses, the iPad is an essential tool for organizing their workload and boosting productivity. One of the areas in which the iPad can be very useful is sales.

With a wide range of convenient apps available, sales representatives can rely on their Apple device to hold catalogues, organize client’s information, keep accurate records of payments and much more. Here are some of the most practical apps for sales people. Keep in mind that in most cases you would need to have the full version of the related program installed in order to get the benefit of the app.

Salesforce is recognized as an efficient and complete CRM solution that is preferred by many companies around the world. The app allows you to enjoy the latest features of Salesforce on your iOS device as it combines CRM custom apps, Chatter and business processes into a single experience. Salesforce 1 offers the perfect platform to customize and build any app that can be then run through the app. You can also choose Salesforce Classic to get access to your Salesforce account while on the go. Both apps are available for free.
Handshake Sales Rep Order & Catalog App HD
Handshake’s sales app allows you to write sales orders easily and it is a convenient way to present catalogues for reps and sales team that showcase their products in tradeshows or that are constantly on the road. The team behind this app has a vast experience in wholesale, which has enabled them to create this powerful and effective solution. It ensures that you are well-prepared to meet customers and it reduces the order processing costs and handling time of customer service. You can download it for free.
Brainshark Inc brings a powerful tool to manage and to share sales presentations efficiently. While the app is not designed to create presentations, you can upload Power Point files from your computer or any other device to your SlideShark account securely. Then you can use the app to display the presentation on your iPad with quality and versatility. It allows you to broadcast presentations online in real time or to share them via email or social media. SlideShark also supports cloud storage and you can get it for free.
Repzio brings together a turn key Sales Rep, Catalogue and Showroom Sales tool that is simple and convenient. Traveling sales people can benefit form this iPad based Point of Service solution that can boost your productivity and business, no matter where you are. If you need to manage bar coded showrooms at markets or an effective sales support on the go, Repzio is the ideal option. It integrates with NetSuite, SAP, Sage Mas, Quickbooks, BlueLink, Salesforce and more. Just keep in mind that you will need a Repzio account and its full package to get all the benefits of the free app.
Sales Kit
Apptiv-IT offers a comprehensive package including catalogue, order taking and CRM. It features a user-friendly interface that allows your sales team to present catalogues, check inventory in real-time, take orders, generate reports and more, while they are on the go or taking part on a trade show. You won’t need to bring your complete catalogue to every sales appointment and you can reduce substantially the amount of paper work as you can manage catalogues, orders and invoices through your iPad. Many features are available offline and all the data is synced with your Sales Kit account, which you can manage from the web browser version. The app is available for free.
Working as a sales rep often means that you need to travel to meet new and existent clients and to close deals. If you need to keep track of your miles to report them, MileBug by Izatt International is a must-have app. It allows you to track the distance travelled easily and effectively. It works with a GPS mile tracker that tracks trips and related expenses to help you to get the appropriate tax deduction. The reports can be exported as CSV or HTML files. You can get the Lite version for free or upgrade to the full version for unlimited tracking and reports.

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