Best iOS Apps for Interior Design

Making the most out of every room and designing your home according to your own style can be quite fun and rewarding. Even if you are not an interior designer, you can create unique spaces that look great and that make you feel comfortable, thanks to some practical apps available in the App Store. These apps offer features that will help your to take measures accurately and that support features such as 3D rendering and walkthroughs. Here are some of the best options to discover your interior design abilities.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas
Houzz Interior Design IdeasHouzz offers a complete solution to improve your home through its impressive collection of ideas to decorate and renovate spaces. There are over 7 million high-resolution images of home interiors and exteriors so you are bound to find inspiration to transform a plain room into the space that you always dreamed of. You can browse by room, location or style through the vast collection of photos that will boost your creativity. Photos can be saved and shared and you can also connect with thousands of home improvement experts including architects and designers. Houzz is a source of inspiration that also gives you access to professional advice and even a catalogue of must-have items for your projects. You can download the app for free.
Photo Measure
Photo MeasureMeasuring is a crucial part of any design project and with this app from Big Blue Pixel, you will be able to measure the dimensions of your living space easily. You can forget about the measuring tape and rely on this simple solution to get accurate information. You would only need to take a photo, mark the measures and let the app take care of the rest. The app allows you to keep in mind the exact dimensions of a space or of a particular object. After taking a photo, you can note down the dimensions on the photos to make sure that you keep in mind the exact layout, no matter where you are. The photos can be organized by category and the intuitive interface lets you edit measures without any hassle. While the $6.99 price may seem high, the app is really easy to use and practical, making it an essential option for design, engineering, construction and real state.
Homestyler Interior Design
Homestyler Interior DesignSometimes it takes a lot of imagination to see the potential of an empty space and it may be hard to tell if the couch you saw in the shop would fit in a room or not. That is when Homestyler Interior Design by Autodesk will become your best friend. This free app allows you to visualize interior design ideas so you will be able to make the right choices. Even before buying furniture or decoration, you will be able to tell if it looks well or not, thanks to this award-winning app. All you need to do is to take a photo of the room and the app will let you see how it would look like with the changes you want to implement. You can try out furniture, different wall colours, decorations and more. The app also includes information about the latest interior design trends and offers ideas that will inspire you to create amazing spaces.
mypantoneAt $9.99, Pantone’s app is not exactly the most affordable option available but it is an investment worth making. Professional designers and anyone who is passionate about design will benefit from this app. Pantone is considered as a sort of international authority when it comes to colour and the app puts all its catalogue at your fingertips. It can be challenging to let other knows which is the exact colour that you want, but with this app, you can easily create colour palettes and share them with clients, friends or manufacturers. The colour picker features allows you to capture colours from a photograph and to snap it to the closest Pantone Colour. You can cross reference the libraries and find out the name of the colour of your choice.
Home Design 3D
Home Design 3DMillions of users trust Home Design 3D by Anuman, an app that allows you to design and change your home easily and in only a few steps. It is ideal for letting your creativity flow as you come up with ideas for decorating and renovating your home. You can draw rooms, create sketches and customize the height or thickness of walls. The app also lets you change the shape and orientation of the room and you can select from a variety of pieces of joinery proposed and change the interior and exterior of your home. The app also features 3D walkthrough and Dropbox upload support. With the free version you can create as many projects as you want, but if you want to save them, you would need to upgrade for $6.99.

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