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Last year marked the day on which Martin McFly arrived back in the future in the popular 80’s movie. The combination of nostalgia and search for technology, boosted the popularity of hoverboards. While they don’t lift you above the ground like in Back to the Future, these advanced two wheeled electric scooters offer an innovative self-balancing system that adds fun to the ride. Although they may seem difficult to manage, they are actually very easy to ride and would be suitable for all kinds of users.

Hoverboards have also been surrounded by some controversy after some models were recalled due to safety concerns. However, as long as you get a hoverboard that meets all the security standards, you will have no reason to worry. If you get a high quality hoverboard, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages and top performance that these electric scooters can offer. The models listed on this list are reliable and support great features. Here are the 10 best hoverboards available in the market.

HoverBoost HoverBoard

HoverBoost has become a favorite name in the Hoverboard industry and the latest model in their line is evidence of the quality you can expect from them. This self-balancing, smart mini scooter has a strong metal alloy build that offers top durability. It resists scratch and can support heavy weight without issues. Well-balanced and easy to use, this is a great option for recreational and commuting purposes. It comes with LED lights to enhance visibility in dark conditions, a gravity sensor and battery powered motor with high speed.

JITS Mini Hoverboard

If you are focused on a hoverboard for recreational purposes, this is a convenient option that is light, compact and easy to ride. It works well outdoors and provides great performance. This innovative hoverboard features a simple design, LED light, long-lasting battery and it is safe to use. The hoverboard is self-balancing and provides a solid built that can support high weight. It is also water-resistant and dust-proof. You can get the JITS Mini Hoverboard for a good price.


The FITURBO has earned recognition as the F1 on wheels thanks to its exceptional combination of speed, balance and high-end features. This smart-balancing dual wheel electric hoverboard is lightweight and sports an easy to mount 15-degree incline. Its solid design can handle heavy weight without tipping over. The FITURBO can also resist scratches and has a well-wired electrical system. This hoverboard has a battery pack that charges quickly and that offers long-lasting power. Its easy to ride and the professional-grade metal alloy material used for this hoverboard, makes it durable and strong.


Made in the US, this dual wheel scooter sports a sophisticated self-balancing system that is ideal to ensure that new users don’t fall as they are riding. It is portable, easy to use, light and you can store it conveniently. Durability is another advantage of this hoverboard and thanks to its battery-powered hands free motor, you can expect remarkable speeds. The Powerboard is one of the fastest options available, can handle heavy weight and provides up to six hours of battery life.

Mini Smart Electric Scooter

The popularity of the Mini Smart Electric Scooter is supported by its convenient design, lightness and portability. It features an innovative self-balancing system, two durable wheels, solid metal alloy build and precise performance. It is resistant and supports good speed.

Leary Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Leary is a well-established brand, which means that you can rely on the quality of this self-balancing hoverboard. The stability and ease of use of this scooter have ensured that it becomes one of the best-selling options in the market. You will be able to master it without difficulty. The hoverboard features wide wheels designed to enhance traction. The angle-free design ensures a simple and comfortable experience.

mAuto HOVERBOARD-GL Gold Hoverboard

The technology featured on the mAuto HOVERBOARD-GL Gold is impressive and it is considered as one of the smartest options available. Its sturdy design can support heavy weight and the self-balancing system is efficient. The hoverboard is powered by an electric motor and long-lasting battery. It is light, fast and it comes supported by a one-year warranty.

HXCUBE HoverBoost

This sturdy and convenient hoverboard features a long-lasting battery-powered system that provides great performance. It supports remarkable speed and it’s self-balancing. The design is appealing and offers great comfort.

Smart Gear X1

This scooter offers a perfect combination of safety and fun, thanks to its quality construction and the good performance of its electrical system. It is affordable, but made to last and stable. You can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride thanks to its self-balancing performance and two large wheels that are suitable for any terrain. It also features LED lights.

Hover Boost Airboard Hoverboard

If you want a green alternative, the Hover Boost Airboard would be the ideal solution as it requires low-power and doesn’t cause pollution. It offers comfort, self-balancing system and stability. The low battery protection feature helps to extend battery life. The hoverboard also offers advanced features such as Bluetooth X10 hands-free headset and LED light.

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